Dell Otto Venom Inc. Omega 1:50 Variant Cover Art Released

Diamond just updated their system with the cover art for Venom Inc. Omega 1:50 Dell’Otto Variant. Check it out below.
As expected, it book ends nicely with the Dell’Otto Variant for Venom Inc. Alpha.


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12 Responses to Dell Otto Venom Inc. Omega 1:50 Variant Cover Art Released

  1. Sam Finley says:

    So the last book in the series, a 1:50 variant, doesnt include Venom?!? Weak.

    • Andrew C says:

      I totally agree. What is the point of doing a high end variant of Venom Inc without something Venom-ish in the cover? It would make for a great cover but doesn’t fit the bill.

  2. Christopher Bailey says:

    It’s a connecting cover to the Dell’Otto 1:50 Alpha Variant. It is called an Amazing Spider-Man/Venom Inc. so I’m not really surprised both characters are on each cover

  3. Bill says:

    If you turn spidey to the side and place him on the side of a building, this looks eerily like another del’otto cover that goes for alot of $$$$. Seems very copycat (ish) to me from del’otto

  4. Alexander Kanegai says:

    I can see this turning into connecting variants or wrap around cover based on his eyes.

  5. OC_GUY says:

    I like Dell Otto’s work, but this one is kind of “meh”.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Same here. Honestly I digged Adi Granov’s Venom Inc. Alpha #1’s cover way better than Dell Otto’s.

  6. rush diehard says:

    kill or be killed optioned for the big screen. beauty.

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