Leak: 7-11 Stores to Have Exclusive Deadpool 2 Funko Pop

I love spoilers and leaks. I also love Funko Pops. That is why I was happy to get a leak that 7-11 Will have an exclusive Deadpool Pop in their stores in time for the release of Deadpool 2.
Updated 5/22/18:
As of this point only one 7-11 Exclusive Deadpool Pop has been sold on eBay and it sold for $50. There is one currently listed as Deadpool With Chimichanga, leaving off the 7-11 exclusive. Might be worth checking different word combinations.
I had ordered three cases through my local 7-11 through their pre-book. I can say these may be scarce as not many 7-11’s may have pre-booked them and could not be getting them in. Also word there was a pre-book error and at this point no reports of stores getting them in.
Updated 4/20/18:

The image of the 7-11 Deadpool Exclusive has been shown by our friends at Toyboxone.com Looks like it is the Grey X-Force suit with a chimichanga.
Orignal Post follows:
7-11 Convenience Stores will have something more than Slurpees to offer this spring. They will have an exclusive Funko Pop from the Movie Deadpool 2. The Deadpool is in a new costume, from the appearance, but features his classic Red and Black color scheme.

According to the sale sheet, 7-11 stores can order a case of 10 Funko Pop Deadpool figures, the break down will include four exclusive figures and two of each of the other figures that will come in the assortment. The Pops will hit stores between May 21 and May 28 2017. The ordering window on these is closing soon. Many stores will probably not bother to order them so they could be hard to find. No word on what the other Pops in the case will be, or if there will be a chase figure in some cases.

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  1. I rarely go inside gas/convience stores/stations nowadays but the few times I do, it seems none of them in my area carry toys like this.

  2. Anthony how did you buy a case of themf rom 7-11?? how does one go about doing that?? blind adam out

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