One to Watch: Cyber Spectre #1

Cyber Spectre is coming to Scout Comics in April of 2018. It is written by Richard Emms and art by Ale Garza and Oracle. The first issue was Kickstarted and did very well. Check out the full details below.
Cyber Spectre’s first issue Kickstarter ended November 5th. The goal of the fund raiser was to get to to it’s proposed £2,000 goal (roughly $2689 US). The Kickstarter blew well passed it’s goal and raised  £7626 ($10253 US). Overall a very successful Kickstarter. An Issue O came out a while back, they were available at NYCC this past October.  

Cyber Spectre #0 has been selling for $23 on eBay. The Scout Comics store has a limited quantity of the 0 issue available   for $10 each plus shipping. With as well as the Kickstarter did. I can see the first issue being a hit when it is released in May. People have been paying decent money for the Paul Green covered 0 issue and this could be a good cheap grab now while they are available.


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7 Responses to One to Watch: Cyber Spectre #1

  1. James Pruett says:

    One small correction on here is that Cyber Spectre #1 will actually be released in April 2018. It’s a great series with beautiful artwork and a good story to go with it.

  2. melthemovieguy says:

    Art work is sick

  3. robert says:

    didn’t he do mythopolis ( what ever happened to… )

  4. Rich says:

    Also… scout website sold out of the issue zero this weekend but will have more online next week.

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