Brimpers Rejoice, Sex Criminals is Returning

News flash, news flash. Sex Criminals is coming back. I bet you people didn’t even notice it was gone did you? You probably forgot what it was even about right?

Well, it’s coming back because Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky need money. They need your money. I think they use it to by adult novelties and the old one’s they have are just too worn out from their bromance.
So be prepared, here’s the Image Press Release in all of it’s glory.

SEX CRIMINALS, from Matt Fraction (CASANOVA, ODY-C) and Chip Zdarsky (KAPTARA, Marvel Two-in-One), will return for the fifth arc of the ongoing award-winning series—and enter all-new territory—this January.
Up is down and black is white and the sex isn’t happening and neither is the crime. What is this book even, you guys?!
After the heartbreaking, albeit totally unsurprising, breakup in Fourgy!, our leads find themselves apart and in the arms of others while the fate of the whole universe hangs in the balance…ish.
Who can tell where they’ll go from here? Maybe it’s these dudes:
“Proud to be back doing what I do best: painstakingly tracing SAVAGE DRAGON pages, putting more clothes on the characters, and repurposing them for our book,” said Zdarsky. “Happy to be back, living up to my back tattoo that says ‘LUV 2 DRAW COMPLEX RELATIONSHIPS AND FLUIDS’”
Fraction added: “Happy new year, happy new SEX CRIMINALS storyline! Happy to be giving Chip more complex relationships and fluids to draw.”
SEX CRIMINALS #21 Cover A by Chip Zdarsky (Diamond code: NOV170711) and XXX Cover B by Kris Anka (Diamond code: NOV170712) hits comic shops Wednesday, January 24th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, December 18th.


6 thoughts on “Brimpers Rejoice, Sex Criminals is Returning”

  1. I was hoping that this series would return with a Venomized cover. Oh well
    Seriously though – excellent series. Look forward to it

    1. Honestly, can’t remember. This was a great book at the beginning but should have stayed around 10-12 issue series. It’s run it’s course I think. I have zero desire to continue reading it.
      The story to me lacks now and the delays killed this book. They tried to revive it with funny raunchy covers so if that tells anyone anything.. it’s a dead book if you ask me.

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