Wednesday Winners!

For a relatively small week for spec, this week turned into a good week for spec. Thank in part to some recalls, there are a couple books that came out today that are flip worthy. Check them out below.
X-Men Grand Design Corner Box Variant
Selling steadily in the $12-$14 range, this “recalled” book is selling for well over double cover price. The caveat, get in and get out. If you had the chance to pick one up, now is the time to sell. Copies will be hitting comic shops next week, and the “do not sell” order from Diamond and Marvel will go away. Sell now and buy again cheaper if you, like me, want one for the collection. You will not want to be holding this if you are looking for a long term investment based off the early hype. Some sellers are already listing the copies coming to stores next week in the $12 range. I cannot see that price point lasting once the market gets flooded with copies.
Head Lopper #8 Recalled
Here is another one we told you about being recalled. Head Lopper has been a great book. A couple of pages got messed up, one omitted and one duplicated, causing Image to ask that copies be pulled and pulped and replacements will be on the way. The cheap copies on eBay are gone. Midtown is either sold out or pulled their stock. Copies listed on eBay are at $50. There are a couple of copies at auction on eBay starting at $7.99, with no bidders. Could be because of the ridiculous $20 shipping the seller is asking. There were two covers for this one, it doesn’t make a difference which one you grab at the moment because they are going for the same price. Head Lopper #7 had an estimated print run of 6,000 copies. If some of the stores pulped their copies, this could end up being a rarity.
How The Trump Stole Christmas
We told you about this one in the New Comic Spec Review video and my Picks of the week. Prices are all over the place on this one. cheap copies have sold for $9.99 and expensive copies have sold for as high as $39.99. There are a few cheap copies listed on eBay between $17-$18 shipped on this one. Antarctic books tend to have small print runs as not many stores order them, couple that in with this being a holiday themed book and this one could have a minuscule print run. I was told by my LCS they did not qualify to get this in, so it may have been a ratio. Even with that, the $9 cover price on this variant made it not so approachable off the bat for some stores.
If you see something we are missing, let us know.

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  1. It’s hit or miss with misprint/recalled comics. I know I have a couple of Rick and Morty misprints that I have never seen mentioned anywhere before, so I think that they might be worth something later.

  2. I bought a copy of Head Lopper earlier today for 5 bucks on ebay but just got an e-mail from seller cancelling the order. What a drag.

      1. Only if they relist them to perhaps make more profit. Now if they’re canceling due to the recall, they’ve done nothing wrong in pulling the listings and or already purchased books since they might of found out about the recall after the fact. I’d give them the benefit of the doubt unless they relist the recalled books, then do what CatastropheComics mentioned.

    1. When a seller does that to me, I check back in a few times over the following weeks to see if they have relisted the book. If they do, I report them to eBay and explain how they cancelled my purchase and relisted the book to make more money off the sale.

    2. I had a seller cancel an order on a book I had been looking for for two years, because “it didnt get enough at auction”. This was over a week ago. Im still upset.

  3. I always pick up Ed Piskor’s stuff. His Hip Hop Family Tree had some awesome colors, and distinct smell and texture to the paper, I loved it. I’ll make sure he reads this post.

    1. $9.99 for gold foil $4.99 for reg cover $1.81 shipping to Hawaii. Damn you Anthony I had to buy one, since I have the other Antarctic Trump covers. First book bought in months.

    1. For the most part yes they do. I had a CGC 9.8 Jim Lee Signed All Star Batman #10 Recalled Variant done years ago. I sold it about 10 years ago to. I regret selling it.
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        1. This was the old Frank Miller Jim Lee series with the cussing. I loved that issue and regret selling it but for in money pinch 10 years ago. Sold a bunch of original art too. It was a dark time.

  4. I mentioned this on the wrong post a second ago, but for anybody who can’t find Sink 3, check out Comixtribe. I just ordered a set for 15$ with shipping included.
    To everyone looking for Sink 3, check out Comixtribe:
    “We Have 125 Sets of SINK #3 AB in Stock and Will Be Selling them Direct for the Next 48 Hour or While Supplies Last at Cover Price. (Limit Max 4 Sets Per Customer).”

      1. There are a few copies of the limited black edition for #2 at the link I put up above (or below). They are $20 which is pretty steep if you ask me, but not that bad considering you can’t really get them anywhere else for that price.

      1. I love flava flav. It is a heck of a story. I enjoy it. I have also sold a bunch. I have more than paid for the copies I have bought. With that being said, if they are available in dollar bins than more people will have the ability to buy them to read. People still read comics, right?

    1. Thanks for the heads up. My LCS was supposed to start getting Sink based on my request so I was disappointed when it didn’t show up. I couldn’t find it on the ComixTribe website but I guess those who ordered from there before got the email about the flash sale.

      1. Just checked the website all sold out now. CHU in action. I guess I’ll have to stick with the one I pre-ordered, unless I can find one on the shelf somewhere.

    2. This was why it was my avoid pick.. don’t pay premium for this book. Always seems they’re readily available from their website.

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