Batman #38 Sold Out at Diamond

We knew that Batman #38 would be hot when we saw the issue preview. We even leaked the spoilers for this a while ago. But the hype for the issue is real, and both covers for the issue are sold out.
Expect a second print on this one. Remember, when a book is listed as sold out at Diamond, it does not mean you will not be able to find it in stores, stores will just not be able to order more first print copies once they sell through their copies.
You can see the time status on the Diamond listing is marked as B/O Not Stocked meaning that Batman #38 is sold out and no longer order able by retailers.

18 thoughts on “Batman #38 Sold Out at Diamond”

  1. The story with this new Anti Bruce character, and the evil Bruce Wayne aka Batman Who Laughs, teaming up against Bats almost writes itself.

    1. Metal is hot. All things DC seem to be hot. But as Poyo said before, buy in bulk if you want, but beware the many many pitfalls.

      1. Sorry too much Texas moonshine last night. I’m thinking about 5 copies each cover. That would be bulk for me.

        1. Cover A….. If your gonna buy more than one copy… Always bet on cover A…. Buy just one or two of cover B…. One for PC…. Other for just in case…. But A will always prevail if it does become a winner.

    2. Yeah, bulk for me would be something like three or four of each cover for new books. I ordered three sets. I rarely go over that.

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