Mel V's Variants of the Year Results

2017 is at an end and we are starting our year end wrap up. Mel V. scoured the lists of variants to select candidates for the variant of the year. Thanks to all who voted. 427 votes were cast and we have a Variant of the Year winner. It was a pretty decisive one as well:
Mel mentioned that he will be doing two separate ones next year, one for store exclusives and one for ratio variants.
Here are the results
Dark Nights Metal #3 Frankie’s Comics Variant by Francisco Mattina (votes 144) 34%
Gamora #2 Francesco Mattina Variant (votes 73) 17%
Dark Knights Metal #2 Bullet Proof Variant by Dell’Otto (votes 51) 12%
Spawn #280 Scott’s Comics Variant by Francisco Mattina (votes 40) 9%
Iron Fist #1 Frankie’s Comics Variant by Dell’Otto (votes 29) 7%
Amazing Spider-Man #789 Shattered Comics ASM #129 Homage Variant by Matt DiMasi (votes 17) 4%
VENOM #6 ComicXposure Variant by Francesco Mattina (votes 14) 3%
Venomverse #1 NYCC Variant by Francisco Mattina  (votes 12) 3%
WWE #3 Ric Flair Variant by Felipe Massafera (votes 11) 3%
The Mighty Captain Marvel #1 Alex Ross Variant (votes 9) 2%
Z Nation #1-6 Parrillo Virgin Variants (votes 6) 1%
Animosity #5 Hip Hopf Comics Variant By Mike Rooth (votes 6) 1%
Deadpool #25 Mark Brooks Variant (votes 5) 1%
Silver Surfer #9 Simone Bianchi Variant (votes 4) 1%
Guardians of the Galaxy  #19 1:50 Mike Deodato Variant (votes 2) 0%
Gwar #1 Foil Hip Hopf Variant by Mike Rooth (votes 1) 0%

6 thoughts on “Mel V's Variants of the Year Results”

  1. Z nation needs more love. Very hard to find variants. Great job Mel. V. I wish Houston had more of a comic book presence. We have bedrock city. And that’s it.

  2. Last 6 months of 2017 I didn’t buy any variants. A lot of the LCS had started to raise the prices on them. I don’t have any of the ones picked above. But would of loved the Mattina cover. Even though he was accused of being a copy-cat.

    1. There is an artist that did the same Batman that Laughs cover with the fish hooked Robin doesn’t look as amazing as Mattina’s but I saw it before his cover image was ever released. Not a blatant rip-off like some of the others.

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