Mel V.’s Variant Picks for January 10th, 2018

What Up CHU? Mel V here. Everything is finally back to order now that the Holidays are over and in New York we are recovering from a Deep Freeze (14 consecutive days of freezing temps or something wild like that ..sheesh). I even braved the elements to go pick up last week’s variants. I’m a Hunter darn it. This week should be a blistery 40 degrees so the hunt won’t be bad at all. Lets get into what’s on the radar

Flash Vol 5 #38 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover – Do I even need to go into why this cover is great? Cover Artist of the Year Francesco Mattina back with another great one. These will fly off the shelves, get em, enjoy the story/art, and preserve them in a long box .

Justice League Of America Vol 5 #22 Cover B Variant Doug Mahnke Cover – Before Steve Orlando’s post on twitter that started to move this book, I was digging this cover. The Queen Of Fables looking all devious and stuff on this cover, sold out at Midtown.. keep an eye on this one for the long run, cant wait to read this arc and see whats it all about

Lost Fleet Corsair #5 Cover B Variant David DeMaret Wraparound Cover – In terms of cool, eye appealing art this caught my eye. The detail on the ships and the landscape, I really dig this one for the art

Mister Miracle Vol 4 #6 Cover B Variant Mitch Gerads Cover – Crazy weird cover it, caught my eye, I like it

Phoenix Resurrection Return Of (Adult) Jean Grey #3 Cover D Incentive Stephanie Hans – Here we go, my first Cover of the year Candidate… absolutely stunning, T shirt worthy. Print runs will be high on this so it should be no problems finding it. Get it, grade it, display it. Great work Miss Hans, hats off Co-Cover of The week for me.

Rockos Modern Life Vol 2 #2 Cover B Variant Miguel Mercado Subscription Cover – Funny, odd, off beat cover. This is one of those covers you buy and throw it in a box and a year later you see it going for 30 bucks. It has that “IT” factor going for it… that “Something about this cover” feel

Rose #7 Cover B Variant Loopydave Cover – Shout out to Randy G for showing me this cover. At first glance I was like meh, then I was like hmmm, finally I was like ok I like it… then I went back to meh. It’s a cool cover, at the moment im at the hmmmm phase as I write this.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol 5 #78 Cover C Incentive Kelly Williams Variant Cover – Dude..This cover is so bad arse. I was looking at some top TMNT covers over the years and this one can easily be up there with the best of them. The Turtles haven’t looked this intense in a while. Absolutely T-Shirt worthy. A Must for any TMNT fan (Paul W im talking to you) Co-Cover of the week


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16 Responses to Mel V.’s Variant Picks for January 10th, 2018

  1. JayClue says:

    That MM cover is creepily eerie and is a really well done piece.

  2. agentpoyo says:

    I like that Turtles cover as well…..

  3. m says:

    That TMNT cover is fuckin’ awesome….and Im not a fan. Thats what it’d look like if you’d come across them in the dark murky sewers. the Rose cover is BLAH…not feeling it…looks too generic.

  4. Jesus says:

    2 very well done covers. Mister Miracle & TMNT. Im going to try and get those. Specially cuz my LCS owners is a huge TMNT fan.

  5. Wells Floyd says:

    Fantastic covers. Wow

  6. JJ says:

    Got new art from Doug Mahnke in a couple weeks ago and that JL Cover was in there. It is just gorgeous colored or black and white!!!

  7. Mel V says:

    Ninja Turtles in stock at midtown

  8. Shines says:

    Got a bad feelng I’m gonna miss out on that Flash cover. “B”s are hit or miss at my loc…and that is an awesome cover. Flash literally knocking the spit out of Captain Cold!

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah, seems a lot of shops only ordering B covers if they’re preorders.

      • Shines says:

        Well, seems they got two so I got two. But that was it. No Stabby Rabbit at all.
        I really wish Dc would get these variants up with the initial orders so they can be added in. Trying to beat the Foc cutoff with a day or two notice ain’t always cutting it.

      • Vann says:

        I don’t find the FOC timing bad…I find the print run quality on the DC Variant covers super shitty. It’s amazing to me that the variant covers come in so crappy and yet the “A” covers come in pristine—so frustrating….

    • Stephen Hale says:

      That I think this was announced late as a Cover B, so some shops may not have up’d at FOC.

  9. Andrew C says:

    That Flash and Mister Miracle are awesome covers! Thanks Mel.

    • Andrew C says:

      I will say, I don’t keep up with TMNT but that cover doesn’t seem all that different than some of the other covers they have done in here lately. But if you like it buy it.

  10. DJC says:


  11. blind adam the comicpimp wonders says:

    i now have to go find that tmnt cover. flash #38 wow mr mircel still going strong #testify blind adam the comicpimp out

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