Stabbity Bunny #1 Sells Out

Stabbity Bunny #1 from Scout Comics, and just released on Wednesday, is sold out at Diamond Comics Distributors.
Diamond is showing on their ordering system that Stabbity Bunny #1  is sold out at the distributor level. This does not mean your local comic shop might not have copies, but once they are gone, they will not going to be able to get more first print copies.

Stabbity is doing well on the secondary market as well. Regular covers are selling for $10-$13.
And just in case you thought you might be able to order copies from the Scout Comics Web store, they are sold out as well.

20 thoughts on “Stabbity Bunny #1 Sells Out”

  1. The creator is going to be at my lcs on sunday. Hoping to snag a variant get it signed and then slabbed. Uncanny heroes in tampa if any locals are interested

      1. Wow. Richard was awesome, humble funny and very accommodating. Got a variant signed and is being shipped to cgc. I mentioned CHU and he lit up. Def made a new fan here

      1. I sold a set of the regular and the variant for $75. Someone listed two signed sets for $50 each buy it now. Not sure why they would undercut a well established price, and considering the sets are signed, I think they are giving the books away.

  2. I talked 2 of my local shops and a couple regional ones into ordering it. They sold out that day. The book sells itself its just that good of a story. This book will probably sell it out the first few issues because the print run was so low. I tried to order the variant for issue 2 and it got cancelled.

    1. It is privately owned. I tried buying it years ago from the guy who bought it out from me. The new guy who bought it from the previous owner originally listed it for $5k. When it comes down to a price I like I will buy it.

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