Stabbity Bunny’s Richard Rivera Signing at Gotham City Pizza

Do you like Pizza? I mean crazy good pizza like Chili Cheese Pizza with Doritos? (I am sure they have cheese too though.) Do you like Independent Comics, I mean really cool ones like Stabbity Bunny? And finally, can you convince your non-comic loving girlfriend/wife boyfriend/husband to hit up a cool spot on Valentines day? If so, I have an event for you.

The super hot STABBITY BUNNY Comic writer/creator Richard Rivera will be doing an exclusive meet and greet signing on VALENTINES DAY at Gotham City Pizza in Ormond Beach, Florida.  Richard Rivera will be there February 14, from 2-9 PM. 

They will have Stabbity Bunny Comics, exclusives, merchandise , and posters there and he will sign them for you.  Richard is a local in Florida so let’s get out there and support an amazing new talent.

You can check out Gotham City Pizza at their Facebook site,



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5 Responses to Stabbity Bunny’s Richard Rivera Signing at Gotham City Pizza

  1. Vann says:

    I would absolutely be there if I was even within 4 hours travel time…..what a great idea/event. I’m sure this will be a smashing success and I’m already envious of those who can attend…

    • Anthony says:

      You should see the menu.

      • Vann says:

        I just don’t think this event will miss….it’s actually turned into me being sour about not being able to be there instead of simply being envious. Who doesn’t love great pizza with a nice vino or nice micro-brewed selects….PLUS the Stabbity Bunny creator? Jeeeeeze…..

  2. Jesus says:

    I love veggie pizza specially with artichoke.

  3. Josias Ocampo says:

    Totally jealous! I hope he eventually makes his way to Texas

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