Wednesday Winners

It is nice to walk into you local comic shop on Wednesday and get your comics. It is even nicer when some of those books are selling for multiple times cover price by the end of the week. These are the Wednesday Winner. Here are the ones for this week.

We had a good week this week for flipping. There are three books doing well on the market that could have been snatched off the shelves this week and flipped at a good profit.
First up:
Call of the Suicide Forest #1 – This one was hard to find and still selling for $12.
Teether #1 – another small press indie book. It is also selling in the $12 range. The CHU variant is selling well on the secondary market. It is going for about $30.
Ice Cream Man #1 – Image’s new existential horror book is the surprise hit this week. The A cover is selling for $12, sets are selling for $20, and the B cover is selling for $12-14.
Which did you grab?

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  1. I haven’t grabbed anything.. no shops in Central Texas has still gotten their books. Last update from one shop says they’re hoping they arrive today, if not today, won’t be until Monday. At this rate, they should just hold off until next Wednesday and have a new double comic book day or some BS like that.. I sure hope these shops are getting a nice discount from Diamond (yes, UPS is partially to blame but it really all falls back on Diamond since they’re the distributors).

    1. You’d think Diamond would care enough that shops get the books in time to sell and find another means of transport.
      But thats not a concern when you’re a monopoly I guess.

    2. Mycomicshop has a disclaimer up about books being delayed indefinitely this week. And then they appeared and disappeared so fast I wasn’t able to grab any more Ice Cream Man #1’s

      1. Oh.. the same shop that claims “no book arrives damaged or we’ll take care of you” but then has “if you buy the cheaper shipping option, we cannot guarantee the books will arrived undamaged”…. sorry, I love ripping them when I can with their double standard business practices.

      2. That’s where I got all my ice cream man. Poyo if you order your books online what store do you normally use? And what day do you get them?

        1. I do most of my ordering from Midtown. Mostly pre-orders to get 35% off. None of my local shops now reward customers who subscribe with pull lists with discounts, Capstone was the only one but they closed last year. Pre-orders I choose either bi-monthly or monthly delivery. If I order on Wednesday when they list the next weeks new books, they usually always arrive the Tuesday after the release with their cheapest shipping option. Priority usually arrives by Saturday.

      3. Thanks poyo, then I need the spec comics on a Thursday before release date. Looks like a few variants are already sold out at midtown. Love the 15% new comics and free shipping. I remember when mycomicshop had free shipping. Or every now and then a “cant miss spec” early. Y’all are good I know y’all can do it.

        1. Well, most of my online orders are reader and pre-orders (gambling without knowing how it will do). I hit the local shops for the specs and books I want to skim first before buying as it might not be my type of book to read.

      4. I missed Ice Cream Man on Wednesday. Complete ghost in my area. However, this morning I called a few fringe LCS’ in my surrounding area for a copies of Avengers 676. One store had the Avengers, so I took the trip there. While there, I got an Ice Cream Man #1 Variant and I found a copy of Stabbity Bunny #1 along with a Before Watchmen Dr. Manhattan #4 and a few more copies of Avengers 676.

    3. Have you tried going to King’s Cache? Located on North Lamar, right before the scary HEB that’s on Rundberg. It was created by former Capstone Comics subscribers, and their customer service is amazing!

      1. 10am on Wednesdays. I think Liz works on Wednesdays. She’s really cool and will help you out as she can. Much better than someone from Dragon’s Lair, ABC or Hops & Heroes (I don’t have bad things to say about the other shops, but they’re far from me) . I’ve tried as many shops in and around Austin as I can, and King’s Cache is the one that won my my heart and is not far from home. Right now, they’re mainly trying to get subscribers, but you can message them on Facebook, and they’ll be happy to pull stuff if they have it.

  2. Personal issues prevented me from hitting my LCS this week. I hope they arent sold out of Ice Cream Man. Spec aside I want it because it looks interesting.
    The other two books I havent heard of but will check out.

  3. In my area everyone is sold out of these comics with the exception of one store that has a stack of cover B’s on the shelf. Don’t know if I’ll be able to make it down there in time to grab any. Ice Cream Man #1 was a total surprise. I didn’t see that coming. The other two I expected and got copies.

  4. Missed out on the first to, but did see the Ice Cream man one coming and had preorder two sets and an extra Cover A from my LCS in advance. I don’t like Horror books, but had a feeling the weird Ice Cream man theme would snag people.

  5. I had pre-ordered Ice Cream #1 cover A and B. Had no idea theyr were this hot. My buddy texted me the news and I sold my set that same day for 22$
    Not a bad flip!

  6. Big fan of the new Ice Cream Man #1. The first installment has set a pretty high bar for upcoming issues.
    Must read! Lickety Split!

  7. Picked up 2 sets an extra Cover B for cover price. Definitely not ordered heavy around here, neither was Redneck, God Country, Realm or any of the other recent Image spec books, but Image has themselves to blame for putting out 95% drek with their new titles over the last few years. The days of every new Image #1 being a $20-$30 book inside of 2 weeks are long gone

    1. I just listed 2 (cover A and B) starting at 99 cents auctions with free shipping…. Contact me though, I can hook you up with a Cover A if ya want.

      1. They said that they were going to get me one, I’m guessing a 2nd print most likely but that’s ok. Thanks for the offer though.

  8. There’s a 4th book that’s heating up. Avengers #676. Both of my shops that got their books in today, by the time I got to each, one I nabbed the last remaining two copies and the other had around 6 total left. 1st Voyager Appearance is starting to catch fire..

      1. Yeah, she appears on the second to last page and last page of 675. It looks like this is an Incredible Hulk 180 and 181 situation. Anyway I’ll be heading to my LCS this morning to see if I can grab a couple extra copies of 676.

        1. Yeah…. I’d consider 675 the first appearance as well. A full page with speaking… Just name is not mentioned. But it seems the market is pointing towards 676 with it heating up….

  9. Thanks for the info Anthony! When I can’t find the speculated books on Wednesday I feel a huge disappointment… Losing my interest.

  10. No luck finding any of those titles. I really wanted a copy of call of the suicide forest. Oh well. I’ll see if they are dp8ng a second print. But knowing Amigo, I doubt it will happen.

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