J Scott Campbell Covers Domino #1 for Ratio Variant

In April, Domino is getting her own series. Makes sense with the Deadpool movie around the corner and her taking center stage on the big screen. J Scott Campbell, who seems to be focusing mostly on his store exclusives and Dynamite covers of late, will have a ratio variant for the book.J Scott Campbell is doing a rario variant for the April 11th releasing book. Campbell’s cover will be a 1:50 variant according to Diamond who has just opened the book for ordering. No cover image has been released yet but we will update when the image is out. The book is written by Gail Simone and has art by David Baldeon.


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13 Responses to J Scott Campbell Covers Domino #1 for Ratio Variant

  1. Salty says:

    No cover image necessary……….snore…..

  2. Shssael Perez says:

    Anthony, thank you for the heads up on this one.. I will try to get my hands onthis one. I wonder if J Scott Campbell will have his own variant of it, through his store website.

  3. agentpoyo says:

    Oohh.. I know what the cover will look like. I bet it’s Mary Jane Watson as Domino… 😛

  4. over inflated bubba says:

    odds his incentive variant is pg
    white while his store exclusive will be pg13

  5. Poka says:

    I will bet it will be the same type as he has produced for the past year just with a different dress and pose. I like better his earlier covers where he was a bit more adventurous. It is like it has just become a money machine for him.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Spot on, definitely money machine, which there’s nothing wrong making money but when it becomes more important than great art.. That’s when I have issues.

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