New Comic Spec Review Video for 1/31/18

The dreaded 5th Wednesday edition. January 31, 2018 is the fifth Wednesday of the month, so it will not be a power-house week for spec books, but here is the best of this week’s offerings. 

17 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for 1/31/18”

  1. ComicXposure has been hinting at something very recently… possible Harley Quinn Who Laughs? Other? Anyone know anything about this?

      1. Yes … they also have that same pic posted in the scrolling banner at the bottom of their homepage. Is it a tease of something to come?

      1. As a whole the shipment on them got delayed as tweeted by Tom King. But he also shared on twitter that DC made some early copies available for that singing at Third Eye Comics this Saturday. If that’s the signing you are talking about. So you’ll get to see it early while the rest of us have to wait ugh lol

    1. I’ve been wondering that also. I’m a fan of the Valiant mini series. Not sure if the Britannia TV show is the same. I will be watching it.

  2. Avengers 678 is already Sold Out at the distributor level before it’s release! Might want to keep an eye on that one as well.

  3. I’ll be getting…
    Spawn 282, both covers, new character debut who will be getting their own book
    Thanos 13 2nd print, pre-ordered 5 copies from the LCS so I won’t have to hunt around for it
    Moon Knight – my favorite Marvel read along with Thanos & Dr Strange
    Dark Knights Metal #5, still haven’t finished #4 yet

  4. Anthony, I was watching the stfy channel with my kids the other day and to my surprise there was a DC comics commercial talking about immortal men and three other new titles. Do you think that there might be a feeding frenzy on these titles? I don’t think that shop owners would have ordered expecting an influx of new customers. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. I am excited for them. But also kind of reminds me of the DC Bloodlines crossover, or the Zero Hour #0 books, where they introduced a bunch of new characters that never did anything. I do like the looks of the books and the creative teams. But not going heavy on them.
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    2. They did commercials for Doomsday Clock as well… Didnt seem to have caused a frenzy or any heat on those. Too hard to tell if their commercials will bring any heat to their books.

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