Variant Envy: GI Joe #249 Comic Market Street Natali Sanders Variant

Our friends at Comic Market Street have a new variant out for GI Joe #249 featuring the art of Natali Sanders. Dawn Moreno, the female Snake Eyes shook things up. Pair her with the femme fatale, Baroness, and you have a winner of a cover.

Check it out below:

“Dawn of the Arishikage,” Part 4! Dawn Moreno’s journey into her own mind-and that of the original Snake Eyes-continues as past and present collide like the violent clash of two deadly swords! What does the future hold for the haunted ninja girl… and G.I. JOE?!

Print Runs:
Full Color Cover: 1,500 total copies
Virgin Variant Cover: 500 total copies
*Only 1,000 color and 250 virgin covers will be available on the Comic Market Street  website. The rest will be available at ECCC 2018!


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16 Responses to Variant Envy: GI Joe #249 Comic Market Street Natali Sanders Variant

  1. Wells Floyd says:

    Sold out already—fast

  2. Vann says:

    Seems like she’s following the JSC career plan…..all her female characters look the same.

  3. Richard G. says:

    Wasup with the super duper arching back —- ummmm okay ?!

  4. Louie says:

    Grabbed a set, love Natali’s work

  5. John price says:

    Such a beautiful piece of art!!

  6. Alana says:

    I bought one looks like the virgin convention unsigneds are back in stock. Good cover for $25, have most of Natali’s covers but getting hard to keep up since all her covers are store exclusives and cost $$$$$ Happy to continue to support comicmarketstreet I did win a Natali Harley sketch from them in the past.

  7. AL says:

    That rendition of Baroness is second to only Adam Hughs’ Baroness on G.I Joe #2

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