Alana's Black Panther Movie Spoilers

Aloha, Alana here with your Black Panther movie spoilers. As with any spoilers from the day after the first premiere, I have no way of confirming them or checking them until the film is released. However these spoilers come from the same place as the Thor Ragnarok spoilers which were spot on. Again this is a spoiler post do not read if you wish to stay spoiler free. This will only deal with the end of the film as I can’t find out to much info on the meat of the film other than…………………
Stan Lee plays a museum security guard
Wakanda is at peace by the end of the film with Black Panther as the ruler. Dr. Strange teleports into Wakanda Throne Room.
Strange: “Your Highness! He is HERE!”
In reference to Thanos arriving! The next scene
Shot in a cockpit of a small fighter space-ship.
Pilot: We have visuals on Sanctuary 2.
Shot of small Wakandan space fleet approaching Sanctuary 2.
Audio in many languages repeating: “You have entered sovereign Terran space without authorization, please stand down and prepare for inspection. ”  Next scene.
Shot of mid-battle between Sanctuary 2 and small Wakanda space fleet. It’s like fly’s swarming a cow. Sanctuary 2 is taking no real damage at all as it fires on the small Wakandian fighters. Then at once, it emits some kind of energy pulse and destroys them all. Next scene
Frantic Wakandan palace. Strange, Panther, and some guards, making there way to Bucky cyro-storage.
Panther while walking: “Signal the allies, prepare the full Terran arsenal, prep the winter solider for release, summon captain Rogers,…”. Next scene.
There are two scenes that we keep flipping between. 1) Is Bucky being thawed out with Strange, Captain, and Panther, being there. 2) Is the moon. Eventually it is shown that the Moon has pretty big base on it. However, instead of just the small weak Wakandia fighter-ships, we see many different types of space-ships, including Heavy Battle Cruisers being prepped and taking off (forming a fleet). There are ships with different Flags in them too (USA, RUSSIA, CHINA, FRANCE, …etc). There are also a few Kree ships. Next scene.
We see Captain Marvel on one of the Heavy Kree Battle Cruisers in the Terran Fleet. She stands confidently on the bridge as they all approach Sanctuary 2. Captain of ship in sitting in a chair (like Star Trek). Captain of ship: “Marvel, time to show’em how you got your name”. Marvel blasts off into the bridge ceiling (which just has a force field that she passed through). She is flying outside the space ship (no suits or breather), she circles around it a couple of times (long shot). Then she approached the bridge from the outside and smiles at the Captain of the ship. Then she looks at Sanctuary 2, cocks her first back, and does this “punch pose” thing, as all the Terran fleet starts firing. *Fade to Black
End credits T’Challa makes Bucky a new arm.
Take this spoiler for what it’s worth again unconfirmed, but what a way to start the Infinity War! I’d like to give credit where it’s due but was posted anonymously.

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    1. I think it is. It’s stayed the same since Winter Soldier Cap 2. You would think with 3 movie appearances a 4th a few months away and the possibility of him taking the cap mantle after a few more Marvel films should be everything you hope from a $20 spec.

      1. No kidding, especially if Winter Soldier takes over for Cap in the movies. With rumors of Cap becoming Nomad that very well could happen. Even if it doesn’t he sure is getting a lot of air time.

    2. I like his character but he just doesn’t draw in as much demand. It peaked during the movies though, it’s cooled down now and not that many care as much it seems.

  1. The THIS IS US guy is playing T’Challa’s college professor and he’s only in one scene flashing back to T’Challa’s education in America.
    Killmonger is T’Challa’s half-brother and a tragic villain. T’Challa’s father cucked his best friend and exiled him when he betrayed Wakanda. Killmonger wants the throne and revenge.
    The final battle takes place in the Vibranium mines of Wakanda.
    T’Challa is betrayed by his best friend played by the GET OUT guy. He reluctantly sides with Killmonger when T’Challa decides to step into the spotlight.
    T’Challa confers with the spirits of the previous Black Panthers in Necropolis, Wakanda’s city of the dead. It’s a trippy as fuck sequence.
    Man-Ape is the leader of an anti-technology, anti-Vibranium tribe that opposes T’Challa, but is not a villain. When Killmonger takes over and wants to plunge all of Wakanda in a needless war against the entire world, Man-Ape teams up with T’Challa to stop him.

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