Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 73

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up & Awesomesauce families.  Thank you guys for everything.  Superman #39, Thor #703 and The avengers #s675 – 676 were my reads of the week. Happy and The Gifted are awesome shows to watch. Now, lets make some money
with some comics cause you can’t teach that. 
1. Amazing Spiderman #529 – Iron Spider Suit, there has been a lot of talk and speculation about this. Funko may have given it away when the Aveners Infinity War Pops line up was leaked online and Spider-man is called Iron Spider.
2. Captain America #180 – did everyone see the Chris Evans interview where he and the producers mentioned and name dropped Nomad?  It looks as Captain America will be Nomad for a bit in Avengers third and forth movie come this summer. I always loved the Nomad issues of cap $10 and up
3. Black Panther #2 – Shuri looks awesome in the Black Panther trailers. I knows these popped up awhile ago when people thought she would be appearing in the Avengers movie, well here she is in Black Panther and you can still get this first appearance cheap.
4. Iron Man #219 – The window on buying these are closing fast. Did you see the Antman trailer? Boom… Ghost. Expect these to continue to creep up. $20 for now.
5. Classic X-Men #3 – reprints Uncanny X-Men #95. John Proudstar (Warpath) buries
Thunderbird. Very touching The Gifted is on Fox and is amazing $1-5
6. New Mutants Annual #7–  John Proudstar takes the code name Warpath. The Gifted is
amazing. This is a cheap play. John joins the team in New Mutants #99 done by the legendary Rob Liefeild $5 and up
7. Happy #2 1:20 Bad Santa Claus cover – I always knew Santa was nothing but trouble. this cover proves it Happy is destined to be crazy and the best show on TV. $20
8. Flash #2 1:25 Greg Capullo Variant – The Flash is a household name. Great covers sell and this is a cheap buy in at $15 and up
9. Flash #183 – did you all see the trailer for the Trickster episode? Shame we don’t get Mark Hamill back, but the Axel Walker Trickster could have new life due to the show. This is his second appearance and the Crossfire storyline seems to be the source material for the season this year. so look for  issues 183-188 written by Geoff Jones. All are great pick ups $5 and up
10. Flash #220-225 –  old school James Jesse Trickster beats the ever loving crap out of the new Axel Walker Trickster rogue. This could be season five of the Flash on CW.  $2-5
11. Amazing Spiderman #583 5th print – remember when this was all the rage? First prints went for $100 back in the day. I say as time goes on this will be desired, especially the later prints $5-10
12. Saga of the Swamp Thing #53 – Alan Moore is a cry baby. Alan Moore needs to stop asking to have his name taken off of movies. We know Alan Moore did Watchmen. So even if your name ain’t on the movie, you are still attached, sir, so stop your crying.  I am a huge fan of his Swamp Thing. This is the Batman issue of his run, just great stuff. I believe one day Swamp Thing will be in movies and on TV again. But seriously though, why a 1990’s
animated series wtf was that? $10-25 (Editors note:Alan Moore, it is not Anthony who wrote that you re a crybaby, so if you are going to curse someone with your magic, it should go to Blind Adam.)
13. Mad Magazine #282 – Ok, so I watched the 1989 era Batman movies on Netflix. So it got me buying up Batman 1989 stuff on eBay. This has a great Batman/Superman cover and is on the cheap and is great for PC $5-15
14. Chaos #1 J Scott Campbell cover – J Scott Campbell plus cover equals money. Comic book math #testify. There is also an ultra rare (limited to 25 copies) Virgin Variant for this cover.
15. Wizard Magazine #97 – J Scott Campbell cover features Spider-girl and  Batgirl $5-10
16. Legs #1 – 1999 Image comic done by Sam (The Maxx) Keith in dollar boxes. Now I need to see where the good dollar boxes are #awesomesauce
17. Detective Comics #1 5th Print (New 52) – I still say the greatest moment out of the New 52 was when the Joker cut off his face. Didn’t realize this had five prints. Amazing stuff. $10-20
18. Deadpool Merc with a Mouth #4 (Scarface Homage Cover ) – wow… two great
tastes put together. Tony Montoya and  Wade Wilson on a  cover together. Just
great tTony Montoya was one of my childhood heroes and I can’t wait for Deadpool 2 in May $5-10
19. Hack Slash #12 – Hack Slash is a fun book. It would make a better show then a movie. This featues an appearance by Milk and Cheese and is a ton of fun $5
20. Dark Horse Presents #100 – There were 6 different issues for #100, not just covers. This has an appearance by my boys Milk and Cheese, plus, Hellboy’s origin, Paul Pope’s THB, and more.  Cheap play ready for spec pickings $5
Well, it is off to Las Vegas, scouting for locations for a project. More to come on that.
Thank you guys for everything. I love you all thank you for being the greatest blessing in my life
blind adam out

16 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 73”

  1. Another great job on the list sir. I see yiure coming to Vegas. If you need fella to point you towards a few stores then hit me up pal.

  2. Adam, there is a comic book store near UNLV that is excellent. only problem is i forgot the name…but how many comic stores with fantastic back issue inventory can there be near UNLV. They even had a piece of Kirby original art from a silver age FF on the wall. Kept hoping to win at cards to come back and buy it…Also near MGM at the beginning of the strip there is a Brazilian steak house that you will have to be rolled out of meat on swords, whats not to like?

    1. A quick Google maps search shows two preeeety close to the UNLV bookstore.
      There was NerdgaZms and Alternate Reality Comics…
      Either of those ring a a bell?

      1. maybe the second one. i remember they had a fabulous back issue collection and employed a rolling drawer type set up similar to the way they store bodies at a morgue.I just remember buying SOOOO much stuff that i had to leave some clothing in vegas to have room in suitcase.

  3. I also see 2 covers to the ASM 583 3rd print. One with a UPC logo stating it is a Direct Edition not a newsstand and the other with no UPC logo on the front cover.
    The no logo is much more common.

  4. First off I hope Blind Adam does NOT get cursed with any kind of magic. Would be a real shame… With that Don’t forget about the third print of ASM #529. Different cover and a very low print run as well (just under 1500 printed).

  5. Great looking list..I agree with dang near all as good investments BUT I have to disagree with ASM #583 going up in the future (there is a reason this comic “was” $100 & now is nearly in the $1 bins -sarcasm-) The it-factor is over with the past president and since he can’t run again I see no reason this will ever peak again (I’m not mistaken, we are talking about the ASM w/Obama on the cover correct?).

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