New Comic Spec Review Video for 2/8/18

Each week, Anthony from, puts out a video spotlighting the hot new releases for the week. Here is this week’s for release 2/8/18:

Also, check out the Sad Lemon Comics Variant for VS. limited to 500 copies, available at Sad Lemon Comics and Amorphous Ink with cover art by Dan Panosian.

16 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for 2/8/18”

  1. I’m so happy I walked by the Loopydave Rose variant last time.. I see a few still at my local shops, I’m gonna have to say avoid. Wink Wink… 😉

  2. I was hoping VS was gonna be a sleeper hit but now that Image is doing Store Variants again (you know, they said they were gonna stop doing such things and only do Trade variants), I’m not counting on it. Now I’m just hoping it’s a great read.

    1. The art looks amazing and reminds me of some of the great art that I enjoyed in heavy metal magazine as a kid. If my shop gets a store variant I’m all over it.

    2. Story could be good. But the art is by Esad Ribic so its going to look great.
      Image is all over the place with variants. They say they don’t like them. Then some new #1s will have 2 or 3 variants.
      They stopped their 25th anniversary variant program midway due to variant fatigue. Now they’re doing store exclusives again.
      They can’t make up their mind.

      1. Yeah, I was never worried about the art for this book.. Ribic is one of my favorites.
        And yes, Image flip flops too much. We hate variants, now we love them.. We hate second or third prints.. now we love them..
        I guess whatever they think makes them more money but I just wish they’d be a little more consistent with their announcements.

  3. I’ve been subbing Smoketown since #3 because it looked interesting. Still need first two to start reading through.

    1. Ive been reading smoketown since issue 1 and also have it subbed at one shop. I have enjoyed the story so far. It screamed media deal to me.

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