Stabbity Bunny #2 Donnie Darko Homage Gets Painted on Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel

Just on the other side of the Westminster Bridge, across the Thames from Big Ben, and on the road to Waterloo, is a famous British Landmark for art lovers. The Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel features sprayed on art of many types. Banksy has painted there. And now, Stabbity Bunny has been honored by having the Stabbity Bunny #2 Donnie Darko Brain Trust Homage covered sprayed on the wall.

The variant for Stabbity Bunny #2 Donnie Darko Brain Trust Homage above, by cover artist Ryan Kinkaid, was spray painted on the famous graffiti wall today.


11 thoughts on “Stabbity Bunny #2 Donnie Darko Homage Gets Painted on Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel”

  1. I also have not figured out how to buy them directly without ebay there site is never updated or face book I gave up with after trying to hunt down there Sabbity Bunny variant if anyone has the know how please share thanks Greg

    1. I even contacted multiple times about other exclusives. They always tell me that they sold out or to hit up The Nerd Store.

  2. Brain trust is a brand, not a store. They are sold at cost to their members and then they either sell them on ebay for an agreed upon minimum price or through their individual stores.

      1. I don’t know how Fried Pie works, but in the BT, members can buy into a variant at cost as long they buy a minimum amount, say (100 copies at $3 per issue) for example. Then an agreed selling minimum is established ($50.00 example) then each member can sell wherever they want, (ebay, facebook, their own store, etc.) It’s a good business model for the members with a tremendous profit assuming they have the means to distribute it considering they are up against their own members.

    1. Give it a month or 2 and they’ll be used as confetti for Easter eggs like the rest of the BT variants that bomb…Girrion,Captain Marvel, Fish Eye, Doctor Aphra…LOL! Why do people continue to buy into these books/variants….They should learn from Frankies, Bulletproof or Comicxposure how variants are done.

      1. so what youre saying is brain trust should up their prices and sell to the public and keep all the $ for themselves instead of allowing their members to buy in and reap the rewards? or you like how a few people buy out the frankies/tcm/amorphous/7ate9/sadlemon/goldenapple/etc teamups and then triple the price on ebay for the good ones?

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