Oblivion Song Collector’s Box to be Partially Delayed, Possibly Allocated

You have all seen the $200 Oblivion Song Collector’s Edition which includes and Exclusive Foil Stamped Variant as well as a statue, an art print, and more. They were limited to 1,000 sets. Well, there is a problem

According to Diamond, only 600 of the sets will be initially available, with the remainder to ship at a later, unknown, date.
Retailers who ordered by Final Order Cut Off (FOC) will receive at least one box set. So if you ordered these, you may not get one on the 3/7/18 street date.

27 thoughts on “Oblivion Song Collector’s Box to be Partially Delayed, Possibly Allocated”

  1. This is scary for comicbooks. Like new overpriced video games and movies that come with a chunk of plastic from China in the form of a statue and some extra content. If the comic business is trying to do the same gimmick then you could see this for every #1 issue in the future. Store exclusives who’s sells are down will try and incorporate this as well. Next thing you know your $100 a week Wednesday will be $500 a week.

      1. That Image Anniversary set was a nightmare. All the stories of people getting duplicate copies of the same book.. shitty if you ask me. So happy I didn’t bother. I’m not likely ever buying into the “chance” type boxes.. where there’s a chance you might get something special.

      2. I think I am getting pretty cynical with the Image stuff. When I first read this post, I immediately thought it was just another shenanigan. I am wondering of the demand on this “package” was so low, they created this announcement to manufacture the “scarcity” play and premium attached to this pile of shit. I don’t know, but from my perspective, this is “spin” marketing at a pretty high level. Greasy…..just really greasy.

  2. I just read a preview copy of Oblivion Song and thought it was okay. I mean, it’s good but nothing spectacular. I just find it odd they’re promoting a book with unknown potential with a statue of the main character. I know I wouldn’t commit to a statue of a character from a book until I knew I was going to actually like it and become a fan boy…

    1. Nope, not gonna do it. The only statues I’ve bought were the Chew statues from Skelton Crew. I can’t afford a statue hobby on top of a comic book hobby.

      1. I also got a retailers copy of it and its good. But not as good as I would of liked it to be. I’m still getting a #1 for the PC.

        1. Yeah… I’m still gonna buy a couple copies of #1 of Oblivion but I’m expecting it to turn out like Outcast more than likely.

        1. At least this one seems like it will have more action than Outcast….. I ended up disliking Outcast… Way too slow… If rather watch paint dry than read Outcast.

  3. Letter From Kirkman for a little Perspective (edited) ::
    I’ll try to make this short and sweet! I know for many of you 2017 could have been a better year. I know we all want to make 2018 better in every way possible. Also, I know new series are often a risk for literally everyone involved. So, I’m working in conjunction with Skybound and Image to do my best to lessen the risk when it comes to my new series, OBLIVION SONG.
    I’m doing a ton of promotion for this series; I was able to talk it up on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and we have even more lined up in the way of talk shows, podcasts and rooftop yelling, in addition to a press conference-style phone call with all the key comics’ press prior to FOC. Plus, both Skybound’s and Image’s social media teams will be spreading the word across our channels.
    The last major thing we did: Lorenzo, Annalisa and I, along with the whole Skybound team, have been working on this series behind the scenes for a long time to ensure there will be no scheduling hiccups. Lorenzo and I are a well-oiled machine at this point, producing the book at a monthly clip, and by the time you read this, we’ll be underway on issue #12. That’s right. Issue #12, which will ship in March of 2019. (Which will be weird because the issue is full of Gorilla Channel jokes, and I don’t know if people will even remember that by then.) We’re committed to being on the stands for your customers in a reliable and momentum-building way for the duration of this long series.
    THE WALKING DEAD wouldn’t exist without the direct market. That’s something we built together.
    Hopefully this is only the beginning of a very exciting year filled with all kinds of cool stuff! Thanks for your time.
    -Robert Kirkman

    1. Robert Kirkman will go down as one the most over rated people ever in the comic world. He didn’t invent zombies. Just right place at the right time. If deadworld came out in 2003 it would be even bigger than the walking dead.

  4. Its a shame that comics have gone this way Gold foil this, Silver foil that, already at inflated prices,
    cant we just go back to buying comics and feeling great when it becomes a must have by collectors without forking out all that cash to start with ??

    1. I will be honest, there seems to be two different comic markets, ones for guys like us who buy regular comics and guys who chase “high end limited books”. Sometimes people cross over and sometimes people stay in their markets. I rarely cross over. I always say, buy what you like.

      1. The trend over the last several years has been no different than the trend in the early to mid 1990’s .. the biggest difference is the use of Websites to promote artificial value and money making opportunity, under the guise of “I’m subsidizing my Collection” .. the same speculation took place back in those days, however, it was fueled by some News Reports and word of mouth ..
        When Superman “Died” back then, my shop had folks lined up around the block .. and that was, really, the “Big Bang” of that day and age ..
        What has kept my shop open for 40 years is the real Fans that love the Genre .. I can spot a speculator a mile away .. and, it will be the Fans in the future that continue to make owning a Shop a viable business .. not the “Come and Go” speculators .. they disappeared back then and the viability of Shops as well as Diamond Comics was in real peril back then ..
        I promote comics as a fun Hobby, a way to get your Kids to read, etc .. if we don’t, then Digital media will just continue to encroach and the true Death of Paper will accelerate ..

        1. I have been buying and selling comics for 33 years. I started out with a comic collector kit from Sears that I got for Christmas. I have 40,000 comics and love the medium. I buy $100+ worth of comics at my local comic shop each week, as a reader and a collector. I also speculate like crazy, and as you said, subsidize my collection. I haven’t actually paid for a comic “out of pocket” for years. I use my PayPal business debit card for all my purchases. I have sold close to $3,000 worth of comics in the past 60 Days. So, I have to say, some of your best customers are speculators too. Let’s put it this way, people who collect have an end goal. I plan to sell off all my comics at some point. Who knows, pay for college for my kids, pay off my house at some point, take the family on a trip (we have done Disney twice in the past three years all paid by comic sales) or something else. My kids and wife don’t want the comics after I am gone.
          Speculators can be and are fans of the genre. I have a wicked collection of horror comics, bronze and silver age keys, near complete early runs of Marvel books, important Indie books. Those are what I collect. What I speculate on is what other people are buying. It’s the flip. My local shop knows what I do and I consult on hot books for them. They appreciate what I know. Speculators are not bad and we will not see the “bubble burst” like we did in the 90’s when print runs were in the millions and your main news source was wizard magazine. I ended up buying the collections from speculators back in the 90’s. I have sold multiple NM 98 ASM 300 and other books out of that era out of those collections. I also have the ones I bought back in the day.
          Also, we do not report artificial prices. Any price we mention we back up with links to recently closed ebay auctions. Those are the going prices at the time. Prices fluctuate just like anything else.
          I am glad that your shop has been viable for so long. I am glad that you have fans of the medium. At the same time, don’t discount the buying power of speculators. We buy a ton of comics, for ourselves, for long term speculation, and for short term flips.

    1. I read the entire first issue… Unless it gets better, I don’t see this as the next “hit” book… Honestly the only reason its getting this attention is due to Kirkmans name on it and quite frankly, hes no Oprah. He hit a goldmine with Walking Dead but id have today his other stuff is sub par or maybe the same level as your other average writer, etc.

    2. Also…. The book seems to have some of the same elements of Enormous, big gooey monsters… People with weird deformity from such monsters… Just involves inter dimensional stuff…

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