Stabbity Bunny #2 Gets Emerald City Comic Con Variant

Stabbity Bunny #2 is sold out at Diamond. It sold out at TFAW weeks ago and at Midtown within minutes of being listed. Even the Scout Store is sold out of issue #2. You can pick up a limited edition Stabbity Bunny #2 at Emerald City Comic Con.

Emerald City Comic Con runs from March 1-4. The Stabbity Bunny #2 variant is limited to 250 copies and features a Avengers #72 Homage Cover. The books can be picked up at the show. Writer Richard Rivera will be on hand to sign copies.


If you are unable to make it out to the show, you can order them directly through the Trinity Comics Website. They come signed by Richard Rivera and will ship out March 10th.


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8 Responses to Stabbity Bunny #2 Gets Emerald City Comic Con Variant

  1. Jesus says:

    Got one.

  2. David Bitterbaum says:

    I want one but am kinda a cheapskate and it is $25. Should I snag at least one, and if I do signed or unsigned?

  3. Chris Schultz says:

    I thought it was a great deal. $25 for an extremely limited 250 print run. I had to get one.

  4. Vito Tassielli says:

    Just ordered one. Will work out in the long term.

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