Wednesday Winners

It is nice to walk into the local comic shop on Wednesday and pick up your books. It is even nicer when by the end of the week some of those books are selling for more multiple times cover price. These are the Wednesday Winners. Here are this weeks winners:
Amazing Spiderman #796 (available on eBay) – This was hot off the bat. The book was pre-selling for $20 Tuesday night and dropped a bit. No Red Goblin caused a bit of a drop, however, the books still sell for $16 plus shipping on eBay.
Avengers #681 (available on eBay) – Not as hot as the Spiderman, but still flips for 2x cover price. The seventh chapter in the weekly Avengers story line is selling for as high as $11 shipped off eBay . ($8 plus shipping essentially.) Not a huge flip but double your money on the book.
The Hidden Winner:
We haven’t mentioned this one before, but had been quietly flipping copies for the past couple of weeks in the $15-$20 range. Avengers Infinity War Prelude #1 (available on eBay)  is the comic prelude to the upcoming Avengers Infinity War movie and has been selling as high as $20, but copies are now selling in the $15 range. Still not a bad flip if you find them on your LCS shelves.
Let us know if you see any additional winners this week.

33 thoughts on “Wednesday Winners”

    1. Marvel is too greedy not to stretch it out as long as possible. Getting people to buy stacks of books in anticipation why would they stop. I just bought a couple of every issue and some different covers can’t put all the chips on one book. Comicxsposure has all them up for preorder at cover 797-800 including the variants like the red goblin 1:10 design variant for #797. And the young guns 797. I know it’s comicxsposure but if you need em now is the time to get em code NEW for 15% off.

      1. I enjoy your enthusiasm and I feel that you add a lot of very insightful comments to this site’s comment sections. You spur on really good conversation in these threads. I have left a few comments concerning ComicXposure in these threads, and Poyo gets a few digs in along with Jay Clue (I think it’s him). We kid around about it, but I’m totally serious. I’ve been buying comic books for 40 years and as Poyo said yesterday, if ComicXposure was the last comic book shop on earth, I’d start collecting postage stamps. You say “I know it’s ComicXposure”. Perhaps you’ve made purchases from them for years and have had happy experiences. I hope that is the case. If other people in this group admire and respect your posts like I do, they may start throwing their money at ComicXposure and they are going to lose it. Maybe not right away, but they WILL lose it. Their NEW code for 15% off has never changed. Everyone knows the code. My point is, that discount code could be for 90% off your purchase. What difference does it make? Nothing is still nothing. I truly hope I did not offend you, I just don’t want other collectors to be disappointed.

      2. Yeah, Not the biggest fan of Comicxposure but they have/had a very good price on the 1:10 ASM #797…. Far cheaper than anyone else I could find that still had them in available for pre-order. Picked up two. Right now I figure I will just get the covers that have Red Goblin on them until it is leaked which issue has his first true appearance.

      3. I’ve had a bad experience with comicxsposure I got fully refunded and the books still showed up a month after my refund so I can’t be overly mad at them for taking months. Two other orders in the past went ok long ship times but that’s usually the case if buying store exclusives, they don’t ship right away. So I completely understand why we all dislike comicxsposure, but if you absolutely need these books it’s not a bad place to preorder em. In comparison I’m still waiting for Wednesday books from 4 weeks ago at midtown.

    2. My guess is, and it is just a shot in the dark, that Red Goblin will show up in cameo in #797 with a “full first” appearance in 798.

      1. I think we get green Goblin 797 798 last panel 798 Goblin struggling carnage takes over. 799 first full. Maybe 797 we get a hint of carnage wanting to take over control of Goblin. The preview of 798 only says green Goblin in it so it makes the case for 797 being a bust. We will see soon.

    3. Im going out to left field for this theory concerning Red Goblin. I have been looking at sime of the covers and images of him that are available. In one, he is pictured as Demon looking and having flames around him. Now, what if the Red Goblin makes his 1st in Doctor Strange or Damnation before he arrives in ASM. Cates is known to have a knack for dark stuff like satan and demons and such. What if Cates is using Slott to help him set up a story in his upcoming Venom series. Red Goblin is demonic amd conjured up or whatever in the DS titles. The aforementioned available images of RG with flames around him contradicts him being a symbiote. Symbiotes hate fire. Also, in the advanced solicits for 798 or 799 says …who or WHAT is the Red Goblin…”. The ‘what’ in that solicitation lend credence to this theory too. The Red Goblin images just dont look that symbioty to me. Maybe Slott and Cates are pulling a fast one. ?

  1. I did well selling those Infinity War Prelude books.. love me some easy flips. I was selling them as fast as I could list them almost.

  2. I read ASM 796 and it seems to me that we get quite a bit of Osborne, carnage, OzCar, Goblin etc…. I mean the symbiote expelled the anti-goblin nanites and we get full Norman with Goblin powers and the Carnage symbiote.
    I understand that marvel wants to extend the heaton the ASM books but this will go down as another case of 1st vs full 1st vs 2nd app crap.
    And if it does go to issue 799 and/or 800 like some think that’s simply ludicrous.
    ASM 795 1st cameo Red Goblin
    ASM 796 2nd cameo Red Goblin
    ASM 797 3rd cameo Red Goblin
    ASM 798 4th cameo Red Goblin
    ASM 799 1st Full Red Goblin
    ASM 800 1st Real Full or Cameo Full 2nd app Red Goblin.
    See how ridiculous this looks??
    Anyways, I’m going with issue 797 being the 1st Full simply because Marvel has 1:1000, 1:500 and a bunch of other ratio variants for that issue.
    But still, we are no longer talking about a one panel appearance with no dialogue in issue 796.
    He speaks, he kills, he’s in 2 full pages, theres a splash page, he mentions he feels the Goblin power etc etc…

    1. 795 and 796 are not red goblin just Carnage. Until we see the new character design of actual red goblin with the tail and all it won’t be considered a Red Goblin appearance.

  3. Possible that 797/798 is the 1st full and 800 sees something even more dramatic? A death? Logic/previous history says the big event has to be book 799/800 but there is a lot of heat around 797. Just sounds counter-intuitive for a major comic event to happen at a non-round number?

  4. Punks Not Dead #1 (Black Crown / IDW) is a winner if you’re a Sid Vicious / Sex Pistols fan. There’s a 1:10 Sienkiewicz variant, I don’t think a ton of shops ordered 10 or more copies

    1. Two sold listings, most recent at $5.99 for the 1:10 variant. Problem with this book is it’s for us old folks. Damn millennials nowadays don’t even know who Nirvana is.. how they suppose to know who the Sex Pistols are? 🙁

  5. I mentioned the 1:10 Sienkiewicz variant in the picks of the week and in the spec review video. I, like you Lon, am an old punk fan, and had to pick it up. I loved Johnny Rotten, and loved PiL as well.

  6. Marvel consistently has something up their sleeve. As an employee learned; so does Slott! We’ll soon see where ASM has provided a legacy for Slott. He is a master storyteller, setting up events and forshadowing arcs months/years in advance. Keep flipping as you are able!

  7. Ouch! Good on ya though for throwing back! Not a Cates fan? Must be lonely in those seats. Not a Cates fan, but prefer your Slott? Hmmmmm…..reservations are available anywhere, anytime, at any place. Are you alone? No, just turn to the side, Slott’s right beside you.

  8. I think everyone knows at this point about how poorly run Comicsexposure is, but the sad fact is if you’re ordering late they’re often times the last affordable option around. I know the 1:10 for 797 flew under my radar for way too long, and exposure was the only affordable option left to me when the time came. Now, I’m not holding my breath on actually getting the books, but if they ship, great, it’s better than going to every store in town trying to find a decently priced copy after I get off work on release day. If they don’t it’s not like I can’t get a refund. The only thing I am leery of is all these store variants, like exposure had for the Train variant, ever being considered true first cover appearances. It’s why I’ve avoided buying any of them unless I want a copy for the PC. It seems like the first time one of these characters takes off there’s going to be a huge market shake up that I want no part of.

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