Poyo's Spec and Drek for Feb. 28th, 2018

Life gets in the way of all the things I’d rather be doing. I’m just now getting around to my picks less than 2 hours when we publish them usually. So it’s going to be short and sweet this week as I don’t even have an Indie Pick but rather two small publisher picks instead.

Also I hope you people are paying attention to my posts. I hope to have something coming up in the future so you have to read these, it’ll all make sense later on.
DC/Vertigo Pick
Seriously, this book is picked based on the cover artist. It’s the only reason I even buy this title.
This weeks DC pick is Middleton’s Killer B cover of Batgirl #20Ā (available on eBay) .
I know I know, there’s the Mera Artgerm variant but shops have caught on to his covers and kill the spec worthiness they once had. My shops seem to still go rather light on Middleton’s covers.
These are already sold out at Midtown and some others. If not, they will be soon enough. It’s just an awesome cover. Middleton rarely disappoints nowadays.
Marvel Pick
Avengers is hot. Thanos is hot. Amazing Spider-Man is hot but this weeks pick goes to the book usually no one ever bothers with, Avengers Infinity War Prelude #2.
That’s right, a prelude movie book. The crap most people either pick up, read and toss aside or just don’t even bother picking up.
This time it’s different. #1 was hard to find and if you did find it, flipping it for double the money or more was easy.
I was selling these as fast as I can list them so this weeks pick and spec goes to #2 as I doubt most shops ordered heavy on this book since no one wants the movie books sitting around on the shelves. It’s even harder to move these once the movie’s already hit the cinemas. So if you see these, grab’em, I don’t expect these to be $100 books but it’s an easy $6 profit as these will likely be at least an easy $10 flip.
Small Publisher 1st Pick
This was a surprise book. I only heard word about it two nights ago when I got texts about it.
This weeks first small publisher pick goes to Spawn 283 (available on eBay) not because it’s Spawn but due to the cover and the cover artist.
Not sure about the rest of you all but my local shops here in Central Texas already limit their orders on Spawn, seems they only usually have a handful on the shelves after they fill the subscriptions some may have.
Already sold out at most online retailers, find them and flip them. If you miss out though, just wait a while, I think these will come back down to real world prices once the hype wears off, that’s even if they do heat up to nice profit money.
Small Publisher 2nd Pick
My next pick goes out to a Boom! book, which is rare nowadays for me.
Jim Hensons Labyrinth #1 Cover E Incentive Bill Sienkiewicz Virgin Variant (available on eBay) is the 2nd pick of the week. I know shops might go a little heavier on these due to it’s cult followers but I still believe this one will be a ghost book.
If you see it for cheap, grab it but don’t pay too much premium. This is another book you might find for half the asking price a little down the road. It could also be a spec winner a year from now though as well. But honestly I’ve seen better covers from Bill but this one is still cool if you ask me.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.
Calexit #2 hits stands. #1 hit stands back in early mid July last year. Don’t even bother.
What is that, almost 9 months between issue #1 and #2, seems like Black Mask is doing their usual thing..Ā  they’re not even fashionably late either. It’s just pathetically late if you ask me. Black Mask does teach all other publishers one valuable lesson, don’t do what Black Mask does if you want to keep the readers coming back for more.

27 thoughts on “Poyo's Spec and Drek for Feb. 28th, 2018”

    1. Only Space Riders if they do another volume but yes, I agree. No more Black Mask for me either. Even Rosenberg is now hitting up Image flr his indie stuff… Hope he doesn’t use the same tactics of doing first issue and never revisiting it….

  1. Black Mask is a pathetic joke. A one trick pony with “We Can Never Go Home” which was a decent read but the most of the buzz was from the 50 or however many punk & hardcore album cover variants.

  2. Nice pics Poyo. My LCS is the same with Spawn except they normally don’t have them on the shelves on Wednesday so I have to go back 2 days later to find around 5 copies finally put up.

  3. Every shop I called had like 1 or 2 copies of Spawn to sell after fillings subs…that Middleton Batgirl is phenomenal…Ive been so busy wioth all the spec this year i literally just had to avoid that Avengers prelude book. This year has been so hot, Im literally having to pick and choose what to flip. Theres just too much….lol

      1. I just banked $400 or so on Walking Dead duplicates Ive been buying since issue 100 I offloaded. All started at 99 cent auctions too.
        ASM 795 and 796 sets selling for $40 or so. Find some of those and that might knock some change off tour BA12 purchase.

      2. Buy low, sell high! But seriously, its a game of patience, knowledge, luck and not being greedy! Price your books at a fair market value, keep your shipping costs low, dont hesitate, detailed photos and listing details. Look at selling a book from a buyers perspective. What do you like to see in a listing when you buy a book? Try to acheive that in your listing.

    1. Yeah… Ive been flipping that Infinity book and ASM 795 and 796 sets. Havent even flipped the Avengers books ive been picking up.
      ASM is on fire too though. I sold 3 sets of 795 and 796 at $40 a set… Talk about easy money. Spent $24 and made almost $120. I just wish I was able to get more.

      1. For real, Poyo. I flipped an ASM 794-796 set for close to $60. Just nuts right now. 796 is still selling well. I sold my last available copy today for $24 shipped. Im going to sit on 3 sets of the whole run and a run of 2nds if i can find a 794 2nd tomorrow.

      2. I sold like 6-7 Seven to Eternitys when it was a $20 book. Same with my TT12s. Ive been there a lot. No regrets. Live ā€˜n learn.

        1. I loaded up on S2E as well but I sold 1 of each Cover A, B and C and it paid for all the copies I bought (6 of each and 7 total of cover A) and it also paid for me to send 1 of each cover to Anthony to get signed by Remender and then send off to CBCS which they all came back as 9.8 books. I think I still had some profit by selling just the 3 total books and holding the others cause I have that feeling if it ever gets optioned, its going to explode again and I’m ready.

            1. And if I’m wrong, I still didnt lose out. I almost pulled the trigger and sold them all… Sure I could have made a easy grand from them but a book that heats up without a media deal or option is special.

  4. Nice picks this week. I’m surprised Black Panther Young Guns variant with no honorable mention. Also, where’s my Smoketown #1 I just bought off you on the eBays? J/k

    1. Haha.. Its on the way. By the way, you got a bargain for the Smoketown.
      As for Black Panther Young Guns… I had a hunch Mel was gonna pick it which he did. šŸ™‚

      1. I know I did. I watched it all the way and didn’t bid until like 5 seconds left. Super surprised no one else bid on it. Thanks bud!

        1. Yup. Funny thing is I sold two others for nice profit. I found that copy while searching and organizing long boxes, didnt realize I had picked up a 3rd copy. šŸ™‚

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