Spoilers: Rick & Morty Presents #1 The Vindicators, The First Appearance of Who?

Rick and Morty Fans are going to go nuts over Rick & Morty Presents #1 The Vindicators, especially when they see which character makes his debut in the book.
Let’s hop to the spoilers and then the explanation.
So who has a first appearance in the book that will drive fans nuts, this guy.

He appears on multiple pages and has dialog. Looks like a first appearance to me.

Cover A of the book, shown below, has a him standing on the shoulders of Alan Rails.

You can see it better here

This is not his first cover appearance, that was on Rick and Morty #35 Brain Trust Variant only available on eBay.

21 thoughts on “Spoilers: Rick & Morty Presents #1 The Vindicators, The First Appearance of Who?”

  1. This was unexpected for most of us for sure… Thanks for the heads up… Was able to grab 3 on the bay of cover A, which I’m sure will be more in demand with Pickle Rick on cover… These will fly off online stores quickly..

      1. In a particular scenario, yes. Oni usually has some overstock they list on their official shopify store. They usually list these convention exclusives for $10.00
        and depending on popularity they can sell on eBay for $30-40. The margins are best if you can catch Oni’s initial Shopify listing.
        Will it hold long term value? Who knows. Some of their old convention variants, like the NYCC Gabo Variant, available on their website after the convention for $10, go for crazy money now. This hustle starts as a quick flip. Save a handful after you break even, or better yet make a profile, and see if the price goes up.

      2. I prefer pickle rick on the cover since it’s his first appearance bought a stack of cover A wasn’t easy took a few hours til I found them in stock online. I spent 14 hours searching for copies of Moon Girl #28 I found one in England and one in Australia but neither store ships to the US. Finally found 3 copies in a store In Nebraska that they shipped this morning. BadAss Comics said the had ten in stock I bought 3 they emailed me a day later saying they have none. I’ve tried ordering from BadAss before and got the same bs message and refund because they are ASS and very bad at selling comics.

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