New Comic Spec Review video for 3/21/18

Each week, Anthony from Comics Heating Up talks about the hot new videos of the week. Here is this week’s for delivery 3/21/18:

Sorry for the delay. Between my son’s birthday weekend and the start of baseball practice, things have been hectic.

25 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review video for 3/21/18”

  1. So is this going to be a new character since Surfer has the hammer now, or it’s the Surfer from Thanos #11 2003. What’s your thoughts on the Homage cover?

    1. It’s the future which makes it an alternate dimension I suppose. But it would be the surfer from whichever dimension it is. I suppose that makes it a new character. I like homages when done correctly.

  2. Iron man Hong kong heroes seems to be sold out everywhere and I’ve read that it introduces a new female character in a Stark suit.

      1. You’re very lucky Alana. I’ve only been able to find 3 copies of cover c. I can’t believe that there aren’t any cover b’s on ebay yet.

    1. Try Forbidden planet UK they have em but you can only get one of each cover. I just cancelled my order with them because I found five more and 2 of the Ghost Rider variants from my new online honey hole.

      1. “Hong Kong Disneyland also teamed up with Marvel to introduce an all-new, limited-edition Marvel comic book, “Iron Man Experience: Hong Kong Heroes #1,” and printed copies are for sale during Marvel Super Hero Summer only at the resort. “This is cover A but the cover has Chinese on it.” The Marvel team, along with a Hong Kong artist and a Hong Kong based writer, spent two months crafting the comic. Set in Hong Kong, the story debuts a new armored hero who joins Iron Man and the other Super Heroes to stop the bad guys from taking a secret treasure hidden in Hong Kong’s Stark Expo.
        And in just a few years, the adventure continues with our Hong Kong Disneyland expansion which includes an exciting new Super Hero-themed area and an attraction inspired by the franchise. We can’t wait for you to join in on the action, so keep an eye out for more updates on the Disney Parks Blog.
        So cover b and c are going be hard to find and highly sought after there is a 4th variant which is cover A with Chinese that can be bought only this summer if you stay at the Hong Kong Disney resort. This is going to be China’s Iron Man equivalence and advertised at Disney parks for years to come. Billion people in China I bet the print run of covers B and C is tiny.

  3. Looks like Renew Your Vows #17 has a couple of new appearances.
    “Between AP high school classes, extracurriculars at the X-Mansion and saving the New York streets from the most sinister of villains, it’s easy to say Annie May Parker has a tight schedule. But when two schoolmates mysteriously obtain super-powers, she takes it upon herself to keep them in line…despite her parents’ best wishes.”

    1. Yeah, 9.8 Saga 1 and a 9.8 Chew #1. Both were reader copies I picked up off the shelf when they came out. I submitted them a long time ago. I use CBCS as my primary grader and every time have had great service. I use fast passes to get them through quicker.

    1. Looks like they are instantly sold out of both Thanos 17 cover b and Iron Man Cover b they still have some cover c Iron Mans with the new character on it.

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