Donny Cates Blood Bath Wednesday: Spoilers Thanos #17

Donny Cates promised the death of a major character in one of his three books out this week. Wonder which one. (hint… it is all of them.)
Spoilers ahead. Spoiled images are redacted. Accompanying text is not. Proceed at your own risk.
When we last left Thanos, Silver Surfer showed off Thor’s Hammer. Cosmic Ghost Rider wanted to remind him of something.

Surfer is not impressed.

Looks pretty final.

Which causes someone to be released.

Needless to say, Thanos takes everyone out.

And while Thanos may not be worthy to fit the hammer, there is more than one way to unarm Surfer.

So if you are counting, Hulk, Cosmic Ghost Rider, and Silver Surfer… Dead.

13 thoughts on “Donny Cates Blood Bath Wednesday: Spoilers Thanos #17”

  1. People shouldn’t be panic selling #13.
    This story takes place WAYYYY in the future. There are years and years and years of Cosmic Ghost Rider stories to be had if Marvel/Cates want (which they do).
    If anyone is panic selling #13 and the variant, sell them all to me, but at a panic discount of course.

  2. Im reading this, but I am behind a few issues, couldnt resist the spoilers. Cates is awesome. This looks amazing. Cant wait!

  3. Just read this issue, wasn’t looking at this thread or spoilers ahead of time.
    Well, holy crap!
    Cosmic GR can go on in his own series for however many years Cates feels like writing it.
    Thanos #13 will be just fine, actually the entire story arc is a keeper

  4. CGR is a dead guy that has lost his head a couple of times in this run already. So I’m thinking he’ll be the (headless) best-man next issue.

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