Poyo's Spec and Drek for March 28th, 2018

Welcome once again to Poyo’s picks of the week. I also go as far as to tell people to avoid some book or books as well. I’m cool like that and likely hated by writers or artists who worked hard for someone like me to tell others to not buy their junk.

So what’s new this week? What’s going to heat up? What’s the big spec book? Well, we don’t know until Wednesday arrives. Just so people know, I make my picks before or reading any types of spoilers. I base my picks off descriptions, covers and just my gut alone for the most part (probably why Shawn B. points out how wrong I am a year from now).
Let’s get on with them already.
DC/Vertigo Pick
Dark Nights Metal #6 is the pick this week for DC.
Could be a dud, could be a great conclusion to the story that introduced a lot of new villains and characters where we saw some great books go up in value, were flip worthy and just a fun read for the most part.
So it’s coming to an end and they claim it’s going to change the DC universe forever. Don’t they all?
Past stand alone crossover titles like these don’t usually heat up but nevertheless, it’s one to watch out for.
Marvel Pick
Marvel. What can I say, has been fire this year. The book that no one likely expected to heat up did just that.
So this weeks pick goes to Avengers #686, the conclusion to the 12 week weekly No Surrender story line.
We saw new characters introduced, new villains, new characters turn out to be villains, Banner is back. What else could happen?
Just like DC’s Dark Nights Metal, this will have a shocking conclusion. Shocking right? So very shocking. I hope I’m shocked. I guess we’ll also find out. (Correction, this is not the end of the story arc for No Surrender, which is a 16 part series and story arc, not 12 part story. Thanks Chris. I’m losing my mind I think).
Indie Pick
Stabbity Bunny has been on fire for a new independent book.
So it’s no surprise that Stabbity Bunny #3 is this weeks pick as it’s already sold out or close to selling out at most online retailers I’ve checked.
Find them, flip them, keep one for personal collection. Either way you can’t lose with this one even if you don’t sell it, it’s a winner just if you’re reading this new title.
I’ve actually been flipping all of mine though. As much as I like this series, I can’t turn down easy money that pays for more books. So mine have gone off to new homes.
Small Publisher Pick
Not a whole lot going on in the small publisher sector for me so I just had to do a shout out for Saga #50 which is the pick this week.
Amazing story, awesome artwork. You can’t go wrong with BKV and Staples team.
We all know BKV usually goes for the 50 to 60 issue range for his stories so maybe this one is approaching the conclusion.
I could be wrong though as I haven’t dug up any information on how long he plans to keep Saga going but hopefully when it does end, it ends on a high note. It’s the only way to go if you ask me.

Now on with the dreaded avoid pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.
This is the type of crap that almost destroyed the industry years ago.

This is also the crap that killed the sports cards industry as well with the chase inserts they started doing. Every X number of packs includes a special variant insert.. blah blah blah.
So now we have BOOM! Studios doing just that, with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25. Sure it might sound fun but come on, every 25 copies ordered of polybagged comics you get a special chase insert cover comic. Of course you don’t what any of these covers look like nor the special one. In a ploy to bump up orders that will result with a bunch of worthless comic books.
Poyo says, don’t buy into this hype. Don’t pay premiums for these chase covers. Just avoid this utter nonsense if you want to save the comic book industry from destroying itself with this crap marketing tactics to get you suckers to buy books you normally wouldn’t buy so many of.

22 thoughts on “Poyo's Spec and Drek for March 28th, 2018”

    1. I could have sworn it started as a 12 week event and 12 issue story arc. Ughh.. I need to stop working so much and start paying attention to comics more. 😉

        1. I’d rather a story end on a high note and good ending than say something like Walking Dead that is starting to bore me and needs to end now. I know Kirkman doesn’t want to end his cash cow but if it’s really about the story (which he likely started it out as), then ending it right rather than dragging it out for as long as possible to me is not the best route to go. He’ll lose more fans than gain at this point.

    1. According to an interview with BKV that just dropped on Thrillist.com, he’s not even to the half-way point of the story.

    1. I like Moon Girl but to me the fan base for this series is just much smaller, so it’s not normally a pick or spec worthy unfortunately.

    1. Time for a new LCS.
      I’m pretty sure I know of a shop, not the one I go to, that opened all the DC polybags and took the sketch covers and either (poorly) resealed the rest or just had opened a small hope at the top. All of their polybags they had on the shelf had openings at the tops and you could see which cover you were getting. Surprise , surprise, no sketches in them.

      1. If my shops did this, I’d hope no one buys the opened bags and then the shop sits on them for weeks, months or years..

      2. This particular shop has a reputation for shady dealings. I used to only go there once a year or so but haven’t gone back since the open polys

      3. Went to one shop, which is a shop of nice people, and someone poked holes in the top of the bags when the employees were not looking. Notified the employees and they were not happy.
        Second shop opened all their poly’s and displayed the non-rare covers thinking that no one would notice. Shady shop is shady.

        1. Yeah, that’s not cool. If I were the shop (and if I had camera’s to find out who did it), I would have made them purchase all of the books. It’s kind of like the policy of, you break you buy.. well, you poke to peek, you buy!

      4. What do you think they put in people’s pull lists if they requested one? Not sure how many out there have PR on their pull list….but you have to wonder how they’d handle that…

    2. Which they’re allowed to do but kind of crappy of them. The purpose of the polybags is to give actual customers a chance at them. But as customers, we keep such shops in business and if they’re gonna conduct business like that for themselves, then we don’t have to shop there either.

    3. I agree with all the other comments on this. Opening the bag is blasphemy enough, but to open it and price it up tells us they don’t care about their customers. I would let them know, as well as blast them on facebook, etc.

  1. that is a crap retail pratcthat is a crappy thing to do. it is one thing to open a few copies and then toss the none rare variants in a dollar box or use as giveaways it is another thing to do something like this either leave them all the shelf at cover price or do what I sa stated above . make it fair make trying to get the rare polybaged variants a game all in the shop can play. offer half ebay as buy back give a l.d. a soda but opening the books jacking up the rare variants is b.s. and the shop derseves some bad p.r. send me the name of the shop. I will call them live for my podcast and then blast them for the world to see . um avengers doomsday clock metal detective comics hal Jordan saga great week for co comics blind adam out

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