Quick Spoilers: Moon Girl #29

Moon Girl #29 (available on eBay)  is out in stores today. It is sold out in many online stores. All the cheap copies are already gone off eBay. Could there be something happening in the issue that has made this one sell out early, or is it people just snagging copies after the heat #28 (available on eBay) had? Let’s take a look.

Turns out, Moon Girl stars up a new team, one with a legacy.


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18 Responses to Quick Spoilers: Moon Girl #29

  1. hoknes says:

    well thats fun !!!!

  2. Andre Michael Warner says:

    Day 1 Believer

  3. Shawnclive says:

    That real nice,, It only the cameo..to be continued..Real 1st will be Moon Girl #30..

  4. Tammy says:

    Oh that’s funny

  5. Lonzilla says:

    Made a good amount of coin from #28 before ebay got flooded, I’m sure this issue will be harder to track down multiple copies

  6. agentpoyo says:

    Fantastic Four (or anything resembling them) needs to stay dead I say…

    • Matt C says:

      Nah..that’s what brought me into comics. you know Marvel can actually do a F4 movie justice too, unlike Fox lol

      • Matt C says:

        LOL all that said, it pains me as an original F4 fan to see them sticking a huge dinosaur in one of the costumes to join the team..but Im sure that will show up on the Moon Girl cartoon

    • JanMan says:

      New Fantastic Four series begins in August written by Poyo’s all time favorite writer Dan Slott. He’s already putting together a short box so he can store multiple copies for the PC.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Oh, nobody told me Dan “The Man” Slott was gonna write it.. Short box? Nah, I’m buying the best wall frames for every single issue. Gonna display them for all to see and admire!

      • Alana says:

        Yes but the new Fantastic 4 series will have the original team not this Abomination.

  7. A. King says:

    Now I don’t feel like I missed out by not getting one.

  8. Dan Lacroix says:

    A fresh reiteration of the fantastic four is exactly what the brand needs. Great idea.

  9. Lonzilla says:

    Those Moon Girl 28’s may be worth holding onto if you didn’t panic and dump them off for just double cover cover price. Omnipotentis will be in the new Infinity related series coming out this Summer and she looks a million times better than the crappy cartoon art of MG 28.
    The 1st CGC 9.8 copy just popped up on ebay and is already over $100 with a day and a half to go

  10. Dave says:

    Grabbed another copy of 29 today…also found a few more MGs for $1 each in the clearance section at BAM!.

    Putting one up on eBay…see how it fairs.

  11. Dave says:

    If you think about it, this is just another “mash up” in a way…

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