Skybound Megabox #6 Unboxing (April 2018)

Skybound Megabox is Skybound’s bi-monthly subscription box full of comics and other goodies. The April 2018 Megabox was just delivered and I unbox it. Check out what was inside:


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17 Responses to Skybound Megabox #6 Unboxing (April 2018)

  1. Wells Floyd says:

    Nice coif, bro!

  2. Kevin verdine says:

    Trying to look like George Springer?

  3. AM says:

    Yeah, I got the Adlard wraparound 100. On the Megabox Twitter account they said they were randomly putting TWD variant exclusives in them. Some people really made out.

  4. joseph lozada says:

    Their box looks better than some of the subscription boxes.I actually thought TWD shirt was cool.

  5. David Bitterbaum says:

    I got a Jesus mini-figure and the regular Atom Eve. Also, my random, “The Walking Dead,” variant was a black-and-white Juan Jose Ryp cover of #1. Lastly, not to be, “That guy,” but the box is quarterly, Tony, not bi-monthly. I wish it came out more often as it generally has good stuff though!

  6. sheldon says:

    Nice video, thx for the info

  7. rush diehard says:

    birthright #1 cover A is at $30 u.s. for mint condition copies. just a heads up.

  8. alana says:

    Rumor that Black Tom Cassidy has been cut from Deadpool2. Strengthening the Juggs rumor and all the other stuff from 4chan which stated Tom had a very small role so makes sense if they would cut it.

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