Skybound Megabox #6 Unboxing (April 2018)

Skybound Megabox is Skybound’s bi-monthly subscription box full of comics and other goodies. The April 2018 Megabox was just delivered and I unbox it. Check out what was inside:

17 thoughts on “Skybound Megabox #6 Unboxing (April 2018)”

      1. How much does a box go for? If you subscribe can you cancel at any time or are you obliged to stay in for a certain amount of time?

  1. I got a Jesus mini-figure and the regular Atom Eve. Also, my random, “The Walking Dead,” variant was a black-and-white Juan Jose Ryp cover of #1. Lastly, not to be, “That guy,” but the box is quarterly, Tony, not bi-monthly. I wish it came out more often as it generally has good stuff though!

  2. Rumor that Black Tom Cassidy has been cut from Deadpool2. Strengthening the Juggs rumor and all the other stuff from 4chan which stated Tom had a very small role so makes sense if they would cut it.

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