New Comic Spec Review Video for 4/11/18

Anthony from doing the weekly New Comic Spec Review video, spotlighting the hot new comics of the week. Here is this weeks with comics delivering 4/11/18:

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  1. I have Fractured Mind on my radar, it almost made my list that everyone will find later tonight but as much as I’ve enjoyed some Red 5 books, they seem to either vanish or fall flat after a few issues for me. So that one sounds great, hope it stays great.
    Dead Hand #1 was good. It sort of read like a Brubaker Phillips title. Lots of narrative, which isn’t a bad thing but Brubaker is a master narrator for me. Higgins did a good job though. But I don’t see this title being a spec hit though. It definitely could turn into a monthly reader though if the story keeps the interest level on higher than normal.
    Crude was good as well. Want to see where it’s heading for sure.

  2. Congrats on your son’s start to the season! If you were to say one book was the “pick of the week” this week, what do you think it is? I haven’t pre-ordered anything really yet except the Supergirl Artgerm to complete that run

      1. I like how you guys label the great DC covers, “Killer Bs”….but I have to tell you that they’re killer for another reason. The print run quality is so shitty on almost all of them that it’s a real PITA to order any quantity. Seriously, it was very challenging to get NM quality books on #15-20 of the Supergirls. The JLA books are even worse….

        1. I didnt have any issues on the Supergirls but I will point out that the last few weeks it seems my local shops DC books have come pretty beat up. Seems they all have some spine issues… Not so much creases but what seems like ripples along the spine. The Deathstroke and Batman issues last week were in really horrible shape at both shops I visited.

      2. That’s weird that you had no issue with the Supergirl B covers as I had spoken with several store managers and they acclaimed that it was a well known issue throughout the print run. Perhaps they were bullshitting me to just move some books….

      3. If memory serves, wasn’t 16 the notorious issue? Most retailers received additional copies later on whether they had posted damages or not. I think they did a partial reprint of that issue for the poor quality of the print run. My experiences persisted throughout….although 16 was awful, so was 15 before that as well as 17-20.

      4. The bad print runs on DC KB issues has been an ongoing theme for at least a year. It’s been hit or miss in recent weeks. For a while it was constant miss. I was complaining about it on other forums for a while but no one seemed to echo my observation…so I just let it go and now just try to get to the shop as early on Wednesday as feasible to have the best shot at a NM copy. My lcs doesn carry many Bs, if any hit the shelves at all.
        I had ordered Deathstroke 30B from Midtown last week as I knew my lcs woukd not have any. It came in with creases and scratches that I meditate dropped it to VF at best…sold out everywhere.
        I guess it’s the price we pay for DC holding the $2.99 price point. I don’t see this problem with Marvel.

        1. Ugh. Just got my midtown order in yesterday and the comics in side had been dropped on the same corner. Then placed in bubble wrap and put in a box. You can tell the books were dropped before they were shipped as the box is pristine.

      5. Well that sucks…yeah, I’ve decided not to order more than 4 or 5 comics at a time from midtown no that I know they bubble wrap them with only backing boards then shove them in a box. Not good support. I’m trying to get money back for 2 that were clearly manufacturing damage and should never have been shipped….I ended up buying copies at an lcs.

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