Kirkman Bring's Hickman's East of West and Transhuman to AmazonStreaming

As part of Robert Kirkman’s deal with Amazon, he is bringing Jonathan Hickman’s series East of West and Transhumans to Amazon’s streaming Prime service.
East of West first appears in East of West #1 (available on eBay) which is selling in the $10-$12 range, and have several variants (available on eBay). Transhuman first appears in Transhumans #1 (available on eBay) and is going for between $6 and $12.

It looks like two of Jonathan Hickman’s stories could soon be hitting the small screen.
Amazon is reportedly developing two hourlong drama series inspired by Hickman’s East of West and Transhuman, according to Deadline. Both series are published under the Image Comics banner, and the adaptations are expected to be executive produced by The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman.
According to the report, Hickman will create and executive produce both series, alongside East of West artist Nick Dragotta and Transhuman artist J.M. Ringuet. East of West is expected to be written by Hickman as well, while Amazon is searching for a writer to pen Transhuman.
Both series will be produced as part of the overall deal between Amazon Studios and Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment. This also marks the latest comic adaptation to arrive on Amazon, with The Boys set to begin filming next month.

17 thoughts on “Kirkman Bring's Hickman's East of West and Transhuman to AmazonStreaming”

    1. Yeah. It can either be great or they drop the ball on East of West. If done right, I would totally welcome a TV adaption of it. Plus I’m siting on a bunch of #1 copies. 🙂

  1. “Amazon is reportedly developing two hourlong drama series inspired by Hickman’s East of West and Transhuman”
    I think I’m reading into this too much. Are they saying two different series each an hour long? I’ve been reading EOW since the beginning and I’m very excited to hear this news. Just wondering if they’re saying each show will have hour long episodes??

  2. Awesome and thank you. I’m very excited about this. If only there was a Sixth Gun out there somewhere to go along with it. Lol

  3. Did you see the Shadow Roads preview? Bunn is doing a new series set in the same world after the events in the Sixth.

  4. While great news for fans of EoW (and Transhuman), what does this mean for the comic? If Hickman is writing and exec producer, this likely means an even longer wait for the conclusion of EoW, and quite possibly BMM and Dead and Dying? Any chance Hickman can finish the comics before moving on to television screenplays?

    1. I once read or heard that Hickman had most of EOW written ahead of time but could be mistaken but this was also a year or two ago. As for Hickman, he seems to be on the slow side of releases nowadays anyways. Seems he was pumping out stuff left and right has nkw come to a crawl.

      1. I believe EOW likely is probably already written, at least I gathered that from a conversation last year at Heroes. I’m just afraid of the conclusion coming out seven years later like another one of his books. On a completely different topic, with Bendis now at DC, what are the chances Hickman picks up a series or two there?

      1. That’s a good long run though for an Image book. How many other ongoing series make it that far in today’s comic world? Marvel can’t even make it to issue #45 without a reboot nowadays.. 😉

    2. Issue #8 of Black Monday Murders read like it could’ve been intended as the conclusion, but I admit that it wasn’t clear one way or the other.

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