Antarctic Press Exclusive Trump Comics Available for North Texas Comic Show

I have mentioned on the New Comic Spec Review videos and the picks of the week posts, that I have sold the heck out of the Antarctic Press Trump Comics. There is a set of pretty cool set of Foil Exclusive covers coming out for the upcoming North Texas Comic Show that are worth checking out. The set includes The Tremendous Trump #1 Gold Foil, Tremendous Trump Battles the UnAmericans #1 Silver Foil, Tremendous Trump Manchild Covfefe #1 Red Foil, and Tremendous Trump A Man Child Covfefe #1 Black Foil.
The covers are limited to 300 copies or less. Here is the break-down of the print runs:
Tremendous Trump #1 Gold Foil – 300 copies
Tremendous Trump Battles the UnAmericans #1 Silver Foil – 300 copies
Tremendous Trump Manchild Covfefe #1 Red Foil – 300 copies
Tremendous Trump A Man Child Covfefe #1 Black Foil – 200 Copies
The books ship out May 30th and can be found online tomorrow starting at 10 AM Central on eBay here, on eBay here, on eBay (Canadian based seller) here , and at Big Time Collectibles on-line.

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  1. Definitely won’t be buying from the guy that has that venom set released today for twice the retail price. Matter of fact I won’t be buying any store or convention exclusives anymore the reprinting of book covers from the past like the Metal #3 fishhook, the Dell otto X23, and now the MJ Venom is enough and the last straw. I don’t believe in these business practices and every pricey book that’s pricey because the cover being reprinted in a store or con variant is a slap in the face to every comic collector whether they own the book or not. So much shady stuff going on with the exclusive variants and many of the stores putting them out like the store that releases only a few copies initially so it says sold out online before people go to the con so they believe the book is hot and buy it at the con only to find 100s of copies listed for sale online a few days after the con. To the store owners that openly choose to take a iconic cover of the past and reprint it to rip off a few thousand people for $40 a pop eat shit I hope your karma reflects what you do to people. To the scalpers that sell em for twice the price the day after release you can do the same.

    1. Alana is so correct in her principles with this. It’s also only a matter of time on the practicality of it. Someone or more likely someones are going to be left with thousands of unsellable “homage” variants. When the music stops, there are never enough chairs to go around. I say kudos to Alana and others on and in this thread who are avoiding all of them…..time will prove them to be the wisest ones.

    2. The Adi Granov Venom and the Mary Jane Venom covers were the last straw for me. Shame on all of those stores. I would use Unknown Comics quite often, and now I’m going to stop using them.

      1. Unknown is a direct partner of CX, the worst offender in the ‘exclusive’ debacle. Other direct partners of CX are Mutant Beaver, Unknown Comics, Frankies, 7ate9 and Sad Lemon. Avoid all these stores if you are serious about avoiding these shady exclusives.

      2. I didn’t know that. Thank you for that info. I kept wondering how a relatively new store (I think Unknown barely celebrated their one year anniversary) could already be as big as them. It now makes sense that they’re just an extension of ComicXposure. Will definitely avoid them now.

      3. Frankie’s, 7ate9 and Sad Lemon are not “partners” of CX. They, along with The Comic Mint, have their own thing going on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Frankie’s or The Comic Mint sell CX’s exclusives. I haven’t shopped at the other two so I can’t say if they’ve sold CX’s comics or not.
        Darren, one of the owner’s of Unknown, used to be the comic buyer for Hastings and did all the Hastings variants so he has some background with that sort of thing.

      4. All those shops work and deal directly with CX. Working and dealing with another individual/entity is the definition of partners. Unless you believe that Unknown et al are buying CX exclusives at retail then reselling them on their site for zero mark up. Either they are partners or horrible speculators. Lol. I know it is the former and not the latter.

    3. That’s a bit harsh, but everyone is entitled to their opinion…can do without the hostility, though.
      I buy store variants because I want them as part of my collection. Especially the original art and well crafted/tasteful homage covers. I do t buy them very often, and very rarely with intent to sell or make a profit. Stick to that and you, as an individual, can do no wrong. Buying them to flip you’re asking for trouble as they rarely increase in value, and hold value over time. As for the shops that are shady, avoid them. Warn others, but hostility doesn’t really help anyone. Don’t hate. Educate. The market and trends will correct itself on time. Be smart and stick with what you like and go with your gut.

      1. I think Alana was calling out the store variants that are reprinting art (X-23 Dell’Otto, Venom Adi Granov, Mary Jane Venom, Teen Titans 12 foil, Mattina fish hook foil). These are covers that have become iconic and very pricey (maybe not the Adi Granov yet), but they are reprinting the art for their own benefit. At that rate, why not just buy a print of the cover?

      1. As a Shop Owner for over 35 years, Kudos to you for the Post .. The Internet has made this possible and brought out the Con Men / Women as in Confidence Folks .. there is always someone there to work you out of your Money by offering Snake Oil ..
        Prior to the Comic Crash of the 1990’s, it went on as well, there were just fewer players and the Internet was young .. it’s what killed the Business then and it’s what will kill the Business now ..
        True fans are what keep things going through the thick and the thin .. I’m not against making money in the Market, but it’s just becoming a Money Grab .. and a great sideline for Artists ..
        There was a saying back in the Old Days .. “Support Your Local Comics Shop” ..

  2. I agree it is shady business but at the same time i can’t pay $ 2,000 for one of the originals. They do that stuff with those Mexican variants too.

    1. If you like the image and dont want to spend a bunch of coin, have the image printed and framed or just DL it onto your computer. Spending $25 on the shady rehash is just wasting your money.

  3. the the shinny trumph variants are already sold out. and if you buy what you enjoy collect you never loose. I ama full time dealer and about to open a store stoe and con variants are part of the game my adive is that store and con variants normally don’t increase in vaule all that much however I can see this venom mary jane set going for big bucks down the road . the Mexican convention variants are a great cheap way for people that enjoy j scott cambl cambell to get tough and expensive variants for cheap . I see no harm and it is as simple as either buy the variants you like read,collect,invest in what you like or if comic books,variants and this hobby and industry upset you that much just get out I am getting sick and tired of listening to people wine and cry &&&ch and moan about store variants store variants have been around since 1998 variants have been around since the bronze age . one of the first variants was fantastic four #110 with a color mistake . store variants anit going away people acting like kids in this industry are not going away diamond is fed up ask any retailer with a diamond account ask about the shortages,damages and screw ups a retailer has to deal with then for the retailers doing store variants ask them about the hoops they have to jump through to gt a decent sellable store or convention variant done . the comic book industry is not perfect however the comic book industry is a beautifull,magicall and amazing industry . and I am just sick of cet certain things in it . my name is blind adam the comicpimp and that is my two sense on this matter #testify

    1. The trump variants go up tomorrow Adam. Jesse James Comics can sell their variants for $8.99 and free shipping and do just fine wonder what every other shop’s excuse is.

      1. I love the ebay variants…rarely are they more than $10 shipped and my expierience has been they ship on time an nm+ grades. That’s the way a variant should be.

    2. Thank you for your perspective Adam. Exactly, if you don’t like it or the price point, don’t buy it. These Trump books look awesome, are all foil and are super limited print runs, which of course all factor into pricing. This is the collectibility of collectables. These books support a small publisher and an artist. But of course, there are people who find fault in it. Well, actually finding fault in a different set of books altogether that have nothin to do with these cool Trump books.

    3. People dont bitch and moan about variants, they B&M about the shady business practices of the stores selling these exclusives. The poor business practices is what concerns everyone.

      1. The bad practice with these particular Trump books is they are all reprints of books that came out sometime ago no where does it say they are 2nd or 3rd prints. This is one of the newer store and con variant scams.

    4. The Trump comic books are not Sold out yet, I think. Their website shows the picture presale starts 04/21 10AM central time. I guess we will find out when the clock hits 10AM

  4. the entire Trump thing is a very sad un imaginative idea. the covers are not bronze age homage they are proof of the sad lack of ideas. the are not satiric nor are the funny nor are they particularly well drawn. At least use hiLIARy as the villain so she can get some use out of the Kingpin’s hand me downs.

  5. I only purchase exclusive comicon variants to flip immediately. Ive done better on SDCC and NYCC exclusives moreso than anything. (I assume these Trump books are exclusives one cant purchase online?). In this age of being able to purchase anything from the net, there is great selling power to only be able to purchase a comic if one is physically present at a show. Those that are not in attendance want and will pay a premium.

      1. No you can’t. Its a variant. I looked at their website and the back of the book shows to have their logo so I’m sure they’re the only ones that sells them direct.

  6. The Trump comic books are not Sold out yet. The website that showing the pictures of the comics as “presale starts 04/21 10AM Central Time” meaning they have not even started selling yet. I also saw the prices and it was not bad at $14.99 each for a print run of 300 copies and $24.99 for the convention exclusive 200 copies. I will make an exception on this one and bite the bullet. It’s not like I’m paying $100 for one book that has 1000 or more print run.

  7. I still think the only Trump related comic that will hold any value down the line is the uncivil war coloring book/comic

      1. Uncivil War is the first of the trump books and the best cover of them all even though it’s a back cover and coloring book. I have one in my stack to be graded I’ll have em reverse the comic mounting so the 181 Homage is on front of the slab.

    1. Many moons ago I stopped collecting and flipping anything except Star Wars comics. There was definitely profit to be made out there, but the effort and risk was stressful. I’m not entirely sure if I made out ahead or behind in the past two years of speccing and flipping, but I know the capital output was high.
      I’m just tired of it all. I barely care about Star Wars variants now.

  8. I only get store exclusives when it’s for the PC, and since we’re talking about store exclusives Frankie’s has a b/w for Rick and Morty variant.

    1. They actually make fun of him more than anything. So I think you might enjoy the books. It’s satire and lampoon, not really a celebration

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