Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 79

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. I want to say thank you for reading this and every week and for listening to my Youtube show. Before we get started I want to say that Batman #45, Superman #45, and Avengers #689 were all reads of the week. Arrow has improved by leaps and bounds this season. I am very excited for Deadpool in a few weeks. I also think She-Venom needs some serious more cosplay love. Hope to see a few of you at the East Coast Comic-Con. Now lets make some money with some comics casue you can’t teach that.
1. Cracked Magazine #256  (available on eBay) – this came out in 1990 and the back cover is why this is on the list. Donald Trump for president right on the back cover. With all the talk about those Trump variants I wanted to point out a few Donald Trump books and this is the king of them $3-5
2. Hup Comics #3 (available on eBay) – R. Crumb at his best Donald trump hard to find in the wild
3. Avengers #4 Golden Record Reprint (available on eBay)  – this is the first reprint of Avengers #4 the famous first silver age Captain America. Finding the Golden Records with the comic and record in the wild is a pain in the butt and high grades are difficult as well. I love the quality of these records happy hunting $100 and up
4. Amazing Spider-Man #261 (available on eBay)  – with the Red Golbin and Norman Osbron Jr being all the rage this week, I went to Spider-fan the Spider-Man website, that is a great resource according to the site, Amazing Spider-Man #261 not #263 is the first Normie Osborn $10 and up
5. Web of Spider-Man #47 (available on eBay) – early Normie Osborn appearance. Hobgoblin appearance as well. This is cheap like $2-5 cheap
6. Marvel Knights Sketchbook (available on eBay) – I like this for two reasons. Reason one Kevin Smith, the greatest film maker and comic book writer of all time, has his Daredevil previewed in this. Reason number two, preview of the Christopher Priest Black Panther series as well. But WTF was up with the Punisher as an Angel of Vengeance? That is just weird $1-5
7. Twisted Toyfare Theater #1 (available on eBay) – sweet trade has a story by Kevin Smith without Twisted Toyfair Theater there would be no Robot Chicken $10
8. Clerks the Comic Book #1 4th print (available on eBay) -classic Clerks Comic Kevin Smith Oni Press was surprised this went to four printings now I need them all and in quantity happy hunting
10. Peter Parker Spider-Man #44, 45, 46 (available on eBay) – return of the Green Goblin, just an underrated and undervalued story by Paul Jenkins. This sets up another favorite story of mine, Sins Past, and references Normie. This is the vibe I get from Red Goblin, just classic $3-10
11. Action Comics 1000 Cover Poster (available on eBay) – OK, not a comic book, but I can see this #awesomesauce poster with all thousand covers being saught after in a few years so snag it now $20
12. Green Goblin #8 (available on eBay) – this is a must for all Goblin fans. Green Goblin the super hero. rescues the son of Harry Osborn. All tied into the Red Goblin this is in dollar boxes, so happy digging folks
12. The Overstreet Price Guide #17 (available on eBay) – not much to speculate apon except the sweet Disney cover $10
13. Marvel Treasury Edition #21 (available on eBay) – the Silver Surfer is hot again. Hollywood better give us a good movie this time around. This reprints Fantastic Four #121-123. I love these oversized bronze age comics $5 and up
14. Conan the Barbarian #68 (available on eBay) – crossover with Red Sonja. This was left out of the Red Sonja trade that reprinted part one. Amazon is doing a Conan series and Red Sonja needs cosplay love, that is all. $5-10
15. Police Academy #1 (available on eBay) – really Marvel why did this classic movie franchise need a comic book? Now I want to dig in dollar boxes to put together a run. Why did Police Academy need a comic book??
16. Action Comics #483 Whitman variant (available on eBay) – this is the first Super-mobile. Why does Superman need a Super-mobile? Outside of the Superfriends, has it ever been cool? I do love the Super Powers toy of it, but this is it’s first apprance $5-10
17. Amazing Spider-Man #539 (available on eBay) – so Spider-Man is going back in black again, well this issue does it for the first time after Civil War and has a nasty Kingpin beat down $5
18. Oni Double Feature #1 3rd print (available on eBay) – reprint of the fist Jay and Silent Bob in comics didn’t realize this had a 3rd pirnt $10
19. Thor God of Thunder #25 (available on eBay) – 2011 series Jane Foster revealed to have breast cancer. Starts the classic run of Jane Foster as Thor nuff said $5-10
20. Four Color Comics #1261 (available on eBay) – Go ahead, make my day, go find this Clint Eastwood photo cover I dare you. This is an awesome cover $10 and up
21. Amazing Spider-Man Aim Toothpaste Special (available on eBay) – I had oral sugery this past week. any mistakes I made this time is due to the fact that I am on pain killers wile writing this but Spider-Man and the Green Goblin and toothpaste equals money $5-20
22. The New Teen Titans Keebler Drug Awareness (available on eBay) – I know I had to have mentioned this before but just a fun comic and those live action photos of the Titans show are bad really bad. Enjoy the comic $5
and up
23. Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #14 (available on eBay) – a neat story featuring Normie Osborn. Cheap and I think Normie will stay the Red Goblin when this storyline ends $5
Thank you all for being the greatest blessing in my life. I am going to lie down and rest I have a busy week coming up. Take care and until next week.
blind adam out

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  1. It’s #263 it’s a one panel cameo #261 mentions a child on the way read any comic ever free and easily on a website (read comic online) it doesn’t let me link to here or I would give it to you Its what I use to check all my first appearances.

    1. Here you go, where he mentions his child (unborn):

      Since in this next pane you can clearly see Norman’s wife Liz is pregnant:

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