Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 5/9/18

Each week, hundreds of new comics hit the stands, all with potential. Some live up to that potential. These are our picks of the week for delivery 5/9/18.
Oh Yeah, Wednesday is here! Best day of the week. New Comic book day. Some good stuff on tap so let’s get into it.
The Final Issue Goodbye
Batman White Knight #8 – This has been a great read. Honestly one of my favorite Batman stories since Batman Year 100. Shooting for the B cover on this one, can’t go wrong with a Joker and Harley cover.
For the Covers
Flash #46 Mattina Cover– features an awesome Fransesco Mattina Cover. he has a couple great covers coming up for Flash. Great for the personal collection or try to sell as sets.
Suicide Squad #41 Mattina Cover – another awesome Mattina cover on the list this week. Do not expect these to shoot up, they are more growers than over night flips.
The Two-fer
Barrier #1 Collectors Edition and Barrier #2 – the FCBD issue would have been the first print edition of this Brian K Vaughn 5 issue weekly mini series, but have to see long term which does better. This will not be collected in any format other than the comics. Grab the FCBD version as well if you see any lying around.
The Variant of the Week
Exiles #3 Game Variant Cover seems hot already. Sold out online. Selling for well above ratio. Get it, flip it, or hold and see if it continues to grow.
The Cheap One
True Believers Wolverine Vs. Sabertooth #1 – It is sold out at Midtown which is odd since the usually order a ton of these books. Great cheap reprint.
Small Press Gem
Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock #1 – All covers are sold out at Midtown, this is a beloved Muppet style show that many of the 80’s kids fondly remember. Worth looking out for.
The Quick Flip Pick of the Week
Scooby Apocalypse #25 – This has been one of my favorite books. Features the death of a beloved Scooby Gang character. I am shooting for the B cover by Brian Hitch on this one. Sold out at Midtown and TFaw.
The Pick of the Week
Venom #1 – If you haven’t seen the spoilers, go check them out. This book is crazy! Yes, this will have a bigger print run than Thanos, yes there are a bunch of variants and store exclusives, yes, everyone loves Donny Cates and/or Venom, but grab this one. It is setting the stage for something bigger.
And in case you missed it, here is the New Comic Spec Review Video for 5/9/18

5 thoughts on “Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 5/9/18”

  1. At first I wasn’t sure about Fraggle Rock, but then I decided to put together a set of the connecting covers.

    1. I believe the Fraggle series is a 4 issue mini, that had a secret 5th connecting cover if you have ordered the connect cover for issues #1-#4. Thats how the book was solicited in Previews. The secret 5th variant is supposed to ship with the 4th issue.

  2. scobby dou #25 will be book of the week. already going for $10-20 for both covers on ebay. I will miss white knight best batman story in a long time and I am excited to see what sets will sell for until the trade. venom #1 is comic book money. fragile rock #1 dear boom studios show the dozers some love o.k. plus asm #794 gets a 3rd or 4thprint & there is a weeding in the x men #awesomesauce blind adam out

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