One Year Later: New Comic Spec Review for 5/10/17

What up CHUllectors!?! Shawn B. back with another One Year Later round up, where we take a look at some of the comics that Anthony, Mel,  and Poyo specced on one year ago. Their specs turn out to be quick flips, slow burns, straight up misses, straight up winners and on and on. Sometimes they spec with their hearts out of their passion for comics. Sometimes they spec based on data. And sometimes they spec based off the word on the street. Either way, all their specs appeal to a few or many collectors
whether it is due to them having similar taste in writing or art, or just an opportunity for a collector to flip a book and make money to “support their habit”. So, this is our weekly chance to look back at how some of our buys from a year ago are doing today.
Winners – None

A bit dramatic!
Quick Flip Winners

All-New Wolverine #20 Incentive Helen Chen Variant Cover – Mel Pick
Original Value: $15 Quick Flip Value: $25 Current Value: $10
Quick Flip Winner Chicken Dinner!
Near Misses

Z Nation #2 Incentive Lucio Parrillo Virgin Cover – Mel Pick
Original Value: $12 Current Value: $??
Wow this thing is scarce. This is the first time I haven’t been able to find recent sales or copies for sale. Anywhere. Maybe people are just hanging onto this or maybe they don’t care. I will say that some of the other Parrillo virgin covers from this series that were hot, have started to fizzle out. But who knows?!

All-Star Batman #10 – Anthony & Poyo Pick
Original Value: $5 Current Value: $5
First appearance of Thatch, Princess Vik, Knockout and Nemesis. I believe Thatch has already perished. Still worth hanging onto like Poyo said. You never know what will happen with a Batman character down the road. The Fiumara variant was hot for a little while and is a cool looking first cover appearance.

Solar Flare #2 – Anthony & Poyo Pick
Original Value: $4 Current Value: $4
For now this one has flared out.

Mindbender #1 – Anthony & Poyo Pick
Original Value: $4 Current Value: $4
Nothing sold for above cover but lots for sale above cover. Sold out at online retailers. It’s Scout so there’s always future potential.
Unspecced Winners

Titans #11
Original Value: $4 Current Value: $6
These Lazarus Contract tie-ins are starting to heat up a little!

17 thoughts on “One Year Later: New Comic Spec Review for 5/10/17”

    1. Sadly, rare doesn’t always mean “valuable”. It all comes down to demand, demand drives the value in all cases.

  1. those z nations are scarce . . titans #11 and the deathstroke issues will see some heat . just loving dc books at the moment both as a sretiler and a fan love you guys blind adam out

  2. Wow…you guys sucked a year ago! I do have a copy of that all star batman…wondered what happen to the spec on that book. Everyone seems to be going gaga over 1st appearances these days…

    1. Sometimes first appearances take off, other times they don’t. Value only goes up if and when the new character has some type of fan appeal. Look at all the characters being introduced in Dark Nights Metal but out of all of them the clear winner was the Batman Who Laughs.
      Also the other issue I saw with All-Star Batman was these were overprinted and really easy to obtain. Most if not all of them were in the dollar bins at my local shop.

  3. Solar Flare just fizzled out. I think the problem there was with all the heads up and hype from the self published book, shops were already on alert and these ended up being way to easy to obtain. Small Demand + Easy to Get = Cover price or less book.

  4. Ive sold s few ASB10 for around $15 shipped. And I still feel its a long term hold too. Thats a win in my book.

  5. Is April and May the dead months for (New) comics? I’ve done really bad since April. Then usually picks up after schools out. Any thoughts? Same thing happened to me last year around this time

    1. Yup. Also with FCBD I think it slows down some.
      But maybe we saw the best for 2018 so far, usually the seasons don’t start out so hot like they did this year. I’d imagine it’s gonna pick back up towards the fall like most years though, hopefully around or after the bigger cons (San Diego, NYC).

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