Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of May 16th, 2018

This isn’t only for ranting and raving, it’s also for praising. Hence the “things I like” in the title. But you know what really grinds my gears? I seem to have more hate than love this week.

This is weird week, it’s like a love hate relationship. Last week I’m praising BKV and Barrier and this week I got some complaints. Right when you think BKV could do no wrong, he does several things to just grind my gears with his physical published Barrier book.
Vertical Reading
I really like Barrier which came out last week (and long ago digitally) but what I really dislike is the vertical viewing of comics. It just feels unnatural holding a comic book like that. I guess it didn’t affect me all that much since I just read the digital version but still, don’t do that, it’s annoying.
I’m guessing the rest of the series will all be vertical as well and that sucks. If you don’t like viewing the book sideways, just go download the digital version to read.
Non-Standard Current Comic Sizes
Not only is the new Barrier comic sideways, it’s about an inch taller, err wider, < bleep > me, not sure since this comic just goes against every current comic conformity.
WHY? Why? Why did you do this Image? Why did you do this BKV? You guys going in the business of producing new special bags that only this book will properly fit in? Sigh.
The more I keep seeing the previews, the more I want to see it. It’s almost out and this makes me happy.
Thor is now a BadAss!
Okay, I finally saw Infinity War this past weekend. I know, I know, two weeks later but I usually do this to avoid all the annoying people at the theater. Ya’ll know who you are? You smack your popcorn during the quiet scenes or whisper to your lover or friends sitting next to you. You pull our your damn phones when it’s dark and illuminate half the theater. Yeah, I can hear you, shut up and shut your phones off!
Anyways, things I like. Thor is a bad ass now. Thor was one of my favorite things in this movie. I know he should have gone for the head but I’m sure he’ll make up for it. Not nearly as big a screw up like Star Lord. But yeah, go Thor!
Didn’t much care for Banner though, they tried to make him too funny and he came off as a bit cheesy at times. Vision, when did you become a wuss? You can basically make yourself untouchable, why not do such tactics to keep the stone out of the reach of well, everybody?
Toddlers in Movie Theaters
Speaking of noise in theaters. I love kids, I love toddlers as well. But there are two things that don’t go together, movie theaters and toddlers.
While watching Avengers Infinity War, a couple comes in and who do they have with them, what appears to be their 2 1/2 to 3 year old. Okay, maybe he’s the most well behaved kid in the world and loves the Avengers so much he’ll sit and watch the entire time. One could be so lucky right? Nope.
Before they’re even settled in, kid starts yelling he doesn’t want to watch this movie and he doesn’t want to be quiet. < BLEEP > ME! The other horrible thing we hear is the parents threatening to “pop” him if he’s not quiet. WTF? I think someone should “POP” the parents. The parents were more in the wrong than the toddler.
Mind you I decided to see this at iPic. I picked the good seats too, you know, $32 a seat. I do this to avoid the trashy crowds at the Cinemark down the street so I can really enjoy the movie with hopefully I think is a bunch of other people there that want to enjoy the movie without any disturbances.
So after about 30 minutes into the movie and many “ssshhhh, be quiet” to tell the kid to be quiet, I call the waiter to complain. Manager comes once, quiet for maybe 15-20 minutes. Kid starts up again, which is expected, he’s young and doesn’t want to be there anyways, he told them that before it even started. Their first clue should have been before they left their house, hey, let’s get a baby sitter so we can see the movie and our kid doesn’t ruin the movie for others. Their second clue since the parents lacked any common sense would have been to leave when he told them he didn’t want to sit and watch it before it even started. The whole theater I’m sure heard him.
So manager comes again, luckily this time it’s now quiet for most of the remainder of the movie but you know, it really did ruin the whole experience for me. It wasn’t even the kid being noisy, but hearing the parents tell him to be quiet every 5 minutes was just as annoying, sometimes even more annoying than the kid making noises. This couple was so clueless we could hear the mother complaining to her husband on why anyone would be complaining about them? Where’s my facepalm emoticon at?
Shame on iPic. They promote themselves as a luxury movie theater. I’m all for kids seeing movies with their parents if the parents know they’re mature enough to see the PG-13 or R movie along with being quiet. But a toddler did not belong in this movie and I think iPic and other theaters should create policies for such things. This was not Teletubbies with a theater full of kids watching (which one expects kids to be noisy, talk, etc). If you’re kid can’t wipe their own butt, they shouldn’t be in a movie theater watching a movie that’s PG-13 or higher rated.
I’ll give Alamo credit when this occurs, first time you get warning. Second time yo ass gets removed. This family should have been removed.
Regurgitated Covers
Maybe it’s a mistake but anyone notice The Archies #7 Fiona Staples cover? Isn’t that the same cover they used for Life with Archie #36? Yup, I think it is unless several online retailers are depicting “not final art” images for their listings. But when the title has already been plastered on the image and sent out, it’s usually a no brainer that is the final cover art that’s already been printed.
Shame on you Archie! Regurgitated covers suck!
The Archies 7
Life With Archie 36

23 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of May 16th, 2018”

    1. I was never a fan until I read Jason’s Aaron God of Thunder run. Issues 1-10 were some of the best reading ever for a Marvel title for me. I hope they make a movie based on that run, it would be a great movie.
      But yeah, Ragnarok and now Infinity War made me really appreciate Thor more, I want him to be funny but when he’s serious and dark, can be a total badass.

  1. Archie can stick it right up their bee-hind.
    I was a big supporter of several Dark Circle comics – The Hood, The Hangamn, and the Fox – and they burned me.
    I was a big supporter of the Afterlife with Archie title and they burned me.
    I was also a big supporter of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and they burned me.
    Archie can’t seem to get their comics together BUT they have plenty of time to try and work media deals. I supported them when a very small minority of the comic population did. What was my reward? Nothing. I can’t even remember if all the Dark Circle comics even finished their story lines (The Fox did). Afterlife and Chilling might as well be over it’s been ages since an issue. Screw them.

  2. I brought my 3, 4, and 6 yr old to see infinity wars and they were laser focused on that masterpiece of a movie. Not a peep out of them.

    1. And thats awesome. I’m the type of parent, if my kids got out of line in public, I’m taking them out myself. I’m not going to let my kids ruin a movie or restaurant experience for others.

  3. One bad parent can ruin a lot of people’s day…I actually feel bad for the kid. He obviously was dragged there by parents…After some bad experiences at Disney world in some of their theatres, I didn’t dare bring my daughter to a dark theatre until she was practically 6. We didn’t make it 5 minutes into the finding nemo show before she screamed she wanted to leave. We had strategically sat near the exits for just that reason…
    The best was one if the rides that goes through a fun house or something…which you didn’t know was scary from the outside…dark with scary faces jumping out at you….”why did you bring me on this ride daddy!!!” She hollared the entire ride…bad parenting moment there….

    1. Oh for sure. This one was all on the parents. The first time I took my daughter to the movies it was Puss N Boots. Even with the theater filled with noisy kids, when mine decided to sneak out of her chair and proceed to run back and forth in front of the screen up front it was time to leave.

  4. poyo at least it wasn’t a under the age of 1 baby. parents that bring babies into theaters need to be kicked out o.k. if the baby is quiet thenf ine but I have had way to many movies ,plane rides,conventions unined by babies dear parents if you bring kids between the ages of 1-4 to a convention and aspect them not to want anything then your insane . thank god for candy bars and pez and items I bring that a buck and under that I can just to get the parents mad that I can give away to the kids just to shut them up. if you bring your kids to a macdonalds a buger king a place to get hangover food don’t let the little jonny s.o.a.b. run up and down the asile and scream it is not cute parents get me angary love you guys blind adam out

    1. My own stance is most homage covers are fine (as long as it’s not done over and over and over again). The difference here is usually the artist is creating a new work based on an older work, hence they’re depicting art but with their own style, basically redoing it.
      What we see here from Archie is they just changed the dressing title and added some new text. This is the exact same cover art being reused on a different title 3 years later from the same artist. This is no where near being homage, it’s just straight up duplicated and regurgitated.

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more about the whole “annoying people/toddlers/kids” at movie theaters. That’s why I waited to see Infinity War a few weeks. I went to the 1:00pm showing yesterday and I was the ONLY PERSON in the theater. It was heaven. And don’t get me started about people taking their young kids to see Deadpool…

    1. Oh man. Going to the movies a few weeks after release, Monday – Friday in the middle of the day is the best time to see movies.
      I use to hit up the movies during my lunch breaks at an employer that was almost walking distance from a theater which was also near some outlet malls way north of Austin. Talk about having the theater all to yourself.. it was great.

    2. I took my daughter to see Deadpool with her father. I think she was 5 1/2 then only had to cover her eyes for the kinda sex scene in it, obviously she wants to go this weekend for Deadpool 2. We are good with her seeing movies that are violent or horror just no sex scenes. Her favorite movie is the original IT since she was 3. She grew up with a Ipad and YouTube that’s this new generation of kids. Shes good at understanding movies and tv are fake as well as video games.

  6. I don’t know why they made the Vision such a wuzz either!!! Did the writers of this movie not read any Avengers books over the past 50 years? Did they not read The Vision maxi series??? They should read Vision #12 to see what the Vision is capable of doing to the Avengers in about 15 seconds. He knocked every one of them out. The Vision is crazy powerful and they made him so Average. That was maybe the only thing I didn’t like about the movie though. I had a ton of fun watching it.

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