Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 80

Greetings to my Comics Heating up & Awesomesauce families. it islovley to be back. Thank you all for reading this each and every week, thanks to Tony for giving me a placenta be heard.Thank you all for the friendship, encouragement, advice, support, and love. Before we make money with comics, a few thoughts and a small request at the end. Batman #46, Action Comics Special #1, Death & Glory #1, Avengers #1, and especially Thor #706 were my reads of the week. Brave and the Bold is an amazing cartoon. Gotham, Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow are all great times on TV, if you haven’t watched them, check them out. Now, lets make some money with comics.

1. TV Guide July 10, 1971 – Cookie Monster Cover by Jack Davis. Why did the Cookie Monster have to start being PC with teaching about healthy eating. He is the Cookie Monster, he is addicted to cookies and “cookies are good enough for me.” Nuff said, leave the Cookie Monster alone! This is also the first Cookie Monster on a cover of anything, so it is worth the $10 and up to have it
2. Time Magazine November 23, 1970 – first Sesame Street magazine cover. OK I have been watching Sesame Street with my niece. She loves it. Plus big Bird is big pimping. I have been looking for some cool SS appearances to invest in. This is the first cover of those educating puppets so enjoy it now, $10 and up
3. Fraggle Rock #8 (Star Comics) – final issue of the classic Star Comics run. New series from Boom Studios out this week, and I do love the Robot Chicken Fraggle Rock skit $10 and up
4. Legionnaires #0 – depending on who the coffee shop girl is, and my money is on XS Jenny, the granddaughter of Barry Allen and it would make sense. This is a cheap book and Zero Hour is just a
fun story $3-5
5. Flash #114 – the Tornado Twins appearance. As coffee shop girl from the show might be Barry and Iris’s daughter Dawn Allen, and if that is the case, then this and all her other appearances would heat up $1-5
6. Comics Scene #1 – fanzines are hidden gold in comic book speculation. This features a Stan Lee photo cover and is so much cheaper then Marvel Age #41 or Comic Reader #179, happy hunting. $10 and up
7. Comic Reader #139 – bronze age fanzines should be looked at. This is the true first appearance of Black Lightening and this is tougher to find then Black Lightening #1, and the show is #awesomesauce $10-30
8. Comic Reader #110 – Luke Cage cover. Cage season two, damn that trailer was amazing. All issues of Comic Reader should be snagged now. If Foom issues can go for triple digits, then so can these. $15 and up
9. Black Goliath #1, #2, #3 – Bill Foster is in Ant-man and The Wasp. Everyone is chasing his first appearance, I say the untapped money is in this three issue series from the bronze age. The cover of #1 is classic $10 and up
10. Rick and Morty #35 ASM #300 Homage – Brain Trust does it again. I love their Rick and Morty variants some of the best RM variants on the market. This does have it all; Rick, Morty and an homage to the first Venom, plus it references a classic season one episodes to boot. $15 and up presale until Wednesday
11. Untold Legend of the Batman #1, #2, #3 Cassette Variants – I still don’t understand why this series is so undervalued and underrated. The audio adaption is classic, and the back covers of this series are great. Just a must for the Batman collector/investor $20
12. Untold Legend of the Batman #1 Batman Cereal Promo Variant – I remember eating this cereal wish I saved the prizes and the box. Just a fun edition to Batman collection for the p.c. $10-20
13. Batman and Robin #10, 11, 12 Pre-New 52 2009 – Metal was #epicawesomesauce. This story has many references to Barbatos the demon, the master of hell, plus a devil worshipping Thomas Wayne. Most of this series is cheap $3-5
14. Power Man #49 – second Iron Fist team up. Second Bush Master appearance. Netflix season two, so lets make the Luke Cage money #testify
15. Luke Cage Power Man #2 – does anyone really give a rats rear about Claire Temple? Dawson plays her well but this book hasn’t scene a real bump and I wonder why. $25 and up
16. Amazing Spider-Man #653 – this has it all, tv and movie stars, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Ms. Marvel, and more. There is a newsstand variant as well $5-10
17. Saga of the Swamp Thing #21 – so we will get a new Swamp Thing TV show. Swamp Thing has had many bad shows and movies, so I hope this one knocks it out of the park House of Secrets #92 and the bronze age Swamp Thing #1 are already on everyone’s radar so I think the real money is in the copper Alan Moore run, DC loves to mess with the wizard that is Alan Moore $20 and up
18. Spider-Man #10 (1990 Series) – Jim Lee inks Todd McFarlane art and it is so cheap, dollar box cheap happy hunting
19. Wizard Magazine #168 – Jim Lee All Star Batman cover. OK, so I like All Star crazy Batman. I am a huge Frank Miller fan. Frank is a great guy and I am privileged to have talked to him a lot in the last few years. So go buy the “God Damned” Batman and enjoy $5-10
20. Brave and the Bold #197 – marriage of Earth 2 Batman and Catwoman, a Mark Jewelers variant to boot. Batman #50 is coming, and I believe the marriage will stick, but I have been buying this every time I see it $20 and up
Well that does it for this week. If anyone wants to make a donation of $1-3 to my paypal it would be much appreciated, I am trying to upgrade some adaptive equipment so being the world’s only blind man in comic books & popular culture can be a tad easier. Thanks for being the greatest blessing in my life now. I love you guys see you next week with more hidden gems.
take care and god bless
blind adam out

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  1. If you are a SS fan I believe many of the more popular characters make their comic debut in the Muppets Take Manhattan Marvel Magazine.

  2. I picked up a few BT R&M35s when they were released. I really wanted the cover swipe for my ASM swipe collection. Expensive buy in, but worth it for me.

  3. Not that I think it will get tons of hype…hope it does though, but the Brave and Bold #197 has a pretty sweet cover. I’m a sucker for cool covers. At least this issue can be found like BA said, about $20 in high grade., so I picked up what looks to be in the NM range for just over $20 with shipping.

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