Image/Skybound Entertainment is pleased to announce that October 13th will mark THE WALKING DEAD DAY—an exciting all-day, globally celebrated event commemorating the world’s favorite, long-running, survival comic created by Robert Kirkman (OBLIVION SONG, OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA).

Image/Skybound Entertainment is thrilled to reveal the first of many collectable THE WALKING DEAD DAY items for fans to keep an eye out for—THE WALKING DEAD #1 15th ANNIVERSARY VARIANT—which boasts cover artwork by current series artist, Charlie Adlard, for the first time, with colors by Dave Stewart.
THE WALKING DEAD #1 15th ANNIVERSARY VARIANT features a brand new cover by Adlard showcasing walkers invading comic book shops across the globe to celebrate THE WALKING DEAD DAY.
A selection of WALKING DEAD DAY participating local comic shops will become a part of the iconic story with their own special edition of this cover which will feature the store’s logo incorporated into the cover artwork. Fans should contact their local comic shop to inquire as to retailer participation in store exclusive version and to learn more about limited WALKING DEAD DAY promotional swag available.
THE WALKING DEAD #1 15TH ANNV VAR (Diamond Code JUN180298) will be available on Saturday, October 13. The final order cutoff for WALKING DEAD #1 15TH ANNV VAR will be Monday, July 9th.


  1. I’ll wait for the sealed box of Robert Kirkmans breath. Only $199 with a special edition card. And look out for the pink edition card.

  2. wow skybound is turning ti tricks now. the walking dead has jumped the shark I wish this site wasn’t a family friendally safe for work kind of place I will do a podcast rant for this later or tomorrow love you guys blind adam the comicpimp out

  3. Seriously though.. This is exactly what we need. 500 different store variants just to have their name on the cover. This seems really familiar…. where have I seen this before? Oh that’s right, Amazing Spider-Man.. one of my local shops is still trying to get rid of these.

    1. You’re exactly right. The Red Goblin could have ended up being a great classic Spider-Man story. Which I think it will be in 10 years. But the 2nd to I think I’ve seen 5th prints…in my mind ruin the comic long term.

    1. You mean you don’t want a special edition Walking Dead #1 with really horrible homage art with your favorite local comic shop logo on the cover? 😛

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