Poyo’s Spec and Drek for May 23rd, 2018

Welcome again to another week where a guy named after a secret agent chicken tells you what you should buy and what you should avoid.

Talk about a really slow week for new comics. This is the first week nothing really stood out as good spec books. There’s not even a lot of reader books hitting stands this week for myself. So let’s get on with the slim pickings for this week.

DC/Vertigo Pick
Not a whole lot going on with DC this week, except this book which is this¬†emerging popular artist is not to be overlooked and that’s Joshua Middleton.

Batgirl #23 Cover B is this weeks pick hands down. Who could bring out so much life in his artwork with such minimal and what I would call a very simplistic art style? Middleton.

The minimalist art carries so much depth to it at the same time. I love it and this is the type of cover art you grab to tuck away in your personal collection.

Already selling well on the pre-order market. But don’t worry, prices will drop eventually. So if you do miss out, just wait and you’ll be able to likely snag this book at a reasonable cost.

Marvel Pick
It’s been done before. We’ll see it start all over a year or two from now. But we should still pay attention.

With the big block buster movie, this week brings us a new reboot of Black Panther #1.
Although the movie is wildly popular, it doesn’t seem like this new popular Marvel character has carried over into the comic book world.

Expect a huge print run but with a reported new character, this could be one of those long term pick up and hold for it’s potential. But don’t expect this to heat up right away. For me, this is more of a reader for now, since I’ve been a Black Panther fan before he was cool.

Small Publisher Pick
Skyward is this weeks small publisher pick. I don’t usually spec on Image 2nd prints but they have proven worthy from time to time.

This week brings us the 2nd print Jock variant.
Gotta love a good Jock cover and the other thing this has going for it as a second print is it’s not regurgitating the 1st print cover with a slap of “second printing” on the cover or just altering the color of the title.

Check out this new series if you haven’t done so already. It’s a very unique take and original story.

This week is so light on spec and read books that I couldn’t even come up with a independent book.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

Iron Man #600. Bendis last work with Marvel and apparently he’s going out in style.

A new villain. We learn of Riri and Dr. Doom’s future along with Tony Stark’s future. Every time we hear about “surprises” form Bendis, it always seems like a total let down so I’m not expecting much for this issue, at least I’m not keeping my expectations high.

So I’m saying avoid. It’s all pre-hype and you’ll be able to find this book for less than cover a few months from now. If you have the Marvel Unlimited, just wait 3 months to read it. Maybe I’m wrong but to my knowledge it’s being rebooted anyways with Slott’s take on Stark and Iron Man, which will likely be another avoid. Sadly I’ll take Bendis over Slott any day of the week.

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  1. The last page of Iron Man #600 Stark wakes up in bed and realises that the entire Bendis run was a dream.

    1. Haha…. And is happy to learn Bendis didnt turn him homosexual ( no pun to you who are, Stark is not ).

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