Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 187th edition of the open forum!
Did you see Deadpool yet? Thoughts (no spoilers even though we love giving spoilers)
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

86 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Will probably take tomorrow off. Will probably see Deadpool over the long weekend coming up. I know that I need to clean out my pullbox soon.

  2. Horrible week? How can that be if there are new comic books coming out? Ever the optimist, I guess. Caught up on last week’s pulls yesterday, but missed out on the local comic con this past weekend. My bank account is relieved.
    BATMAN #47
    DAMAGE #5
    INJUSTICE 2 #26
    DEAD HAND #2
    BARRIER #1
    BARRIER #2
    BARRIER #3
    WEAPON H #3

  3. Sold a nice book today on the bay for a few hundred and after received a message from the winner of the auction saying “I can’t pay for this. Please cancel and relist.” No apology, no anything. Seriously, is there no standard anymore?

      1. Yeah but I doubt most read others positive reviews. The only time I check feedback is if I don’t see 100% next to a sellers name to see if I’m going to buy from them or not.
        The Positive only feedback for buyers is just dumb. It’s likely why I don’t have as much feedback myself since I don’t leave them feedback for just pushing a button to buy from me. I only leave positive if they leave positive. I’m doing buyers a favor by giving them praise for just shopping, that’s just dumb.
        So yes, people who actually go all the way to bid one something to only claim they can’t buy it should be held liable. It’s a contract agreement and I think you should just tell them, well, after 3 days I’m going to mark it as non-payment. Then you have 5 days to pay after that if you change your mind but you don’t have to pay. Then I relist the item after it allows you to close the non-payment and by then they can’t leave negative feedback. They likely are not aware if they get a strike of non-payment, it limits them from buying. This will save the next seller the same headache.
        If they leave negative feedback in the time frame they can before the transaction is closed, then just contact eBay and tell them it’s not warranted and they’ll usually remove it. Buyers should not be able to leave feedback until a tracking # proves the item arrived. This is another flaw of eBay’s feedback system. Why in the hell can I leave feedback for things I buy immediately after buying? Dumb.

      2. leaving a positive feedback with negative content is against eBay policy. Best case – buyer won’r do anything – worst case buyer will report you and you could end up getting suspended. It sucks – but eBay is all geared towards the buyer

    1. Poyo, Amen brother! The sellers get f-ed but the buyers are untouchable no matter how prickish they are. Absurd!

      1. @Wells Floyd…’Seriously, is there no standard anymore?’. Look at the state of American politics right now and that should answer your question.

    1. I have heard and also watched the video of the response from the owner of PGX. I have no reason to doubt the guy who said they fired their two professional graders (one is their restoration checker). But they say they are going to keep going. I have never submitted to them so I have no dog in the fight.

      1. Just a scary situation overall. My guess is that they’re pretty much finished—how can you successfully operate this business given the continued “issues” that plague them….

    2. Ive been following this story too. The whole thing sounds like a huge shit show. Im not taking any of it at face value, but it certainly would lead me to avoid anything from that company, like the plague.

    3. I only have two key books graded by PGX…Iron Man #55 and FF #48. Both look accurately graded. There definitely isn’t any amateur color touch up on them, and I can see no traces of acrylic, glue or professional work. Trimming can be a little more difficult to spot but both issues look to be free of that from what I can tell. PGX seems to always have had some sort of issue going on. Or at least more than the other grading services. I like their slabs and again thought what I purchased was graded well, but of course who knows with them. Their reputation, unfortunately seems to just get worse and worse. I hope things can get turned around for the best, but not so sure. I think over the next few months, after seeing how this pans out it may be time to send the Iron Man and FF to CGC or CBCS for re-grading. From inspecting the books the FF #48 looks to have some very pressible “defects” on it. Maybe it can even improve a half a grade if I get it pressed and re-graded. That would be kinda cool.

  4. Check out todays Star Wars Annual #4 variant. All red cover with a bad ass black Vader image. I think its the cats meow.

      1. Just found out its a 1:25 too. Gonna be pretty rare I think. I grabbed the only copy ive seen today. $16 US.

    1. WTH.. Midtown didn’t even have the right cover so I missed out on this. I truly would have picked it as my pick. The cover I saw had a scraggy looking Leia cover.

  5. Had a long weekend and used it quite well! Got a new natural gas grill and BBQ’d the heck out of the holiday! Also got my vegetables in the ground and harvested my first Strawberry!!! LOL
    May have some news in the coming weeks, we shall see.
    This week I am getting:
    Barrier 4
    Detective Comics 981
    Justice League: No Justice 3
    Manifest Destiny 35
    Spider-Man/Deadpool 33
    Star Wars 48
    Star Wars Annual 4 (UGH! – I hate most annuals, but can’t have that hole in my collection!)
    Dr. Aphra 20
    The Flash 47
    The Hellblazer 22
    The Silencer 5

  6. Oh man the Batgirl cover is straight fire
    Sad these are the variants would imagine more newcomers may catch their eye on some of these

  7. I think all shops in Austin sold out of Cover B Batgirl or only ordered enough for their subs. Had no luck with it.

    1. Batgirl 23B was a ghost in my area. I managed 3 copies from pulls at some local shops where I have a good rapport. But they were limited indeed. Id say a max of 6800 copies exist out there. Its gonna be gold, and rightfully so.

  8. Not a bad week, but not great…
    visited 4 different stores and none had Batgirl #23B covers. In fact, only two had the regular cover A out. Everyone I talked to said the same thing, “ordered just enough copies for pull clients..” Ah well!
    Pickups for me this week:
    Doctor Aphra
    Star wars annual #4-saw one variant copy, but it had condition issues so regular cover it is
    Star wars #48 (action figure variant)
    Doctor Strange #390 (deadpool variant-is this the last Donny Cates issue? If so, most likely will drop after this)
    Wonder Woman (frison variant)
    Nick Wilson #5 (very good series and sorry to see it end)
    Pink Panther Special #1 55th anniversary (always loved this cartoon when I was a kid and since it is limited to 350, had to get it $10)
    Spec pick ups:
    Analog #1 (1st print cover price)
    Infidel #1 (2X cover A and 1X cover B for cover price)
    Champions #19 (2X for cover price)
    Good hunting everyone!

  9. I only scored the flash s#46-47 today. my guy got shorted by diamond and the batgirl #23 is a ghost. I am looking forward to reading detective #982 as this tim drake from the future story has been amazing . I am also trying to hire cost players and hunt for some puppy dog pal stuff for my nenice as well as star wars marvel series #41-44. might go see Deadpool 2&solo. thank you everyone for the friendship,encouragement,advice and surport. thanks for being one of the greatest blessings in my life blind adam out

  10. So, I know it’s a week early, but which (if any) ASM #800 variants are you all looking at? #700 variants did quite well, but maybe it was just b/c of the death and #800 won’t pick up any steam.

    1. Im sticking to cover A for ASM800 fir my PC, and I need some of the connecting variants to finish off some sets. Im avoiding everything else. Ots too much for me. Buy what you like because there is gonna be a million (thats not literal, but very well could be, ?) copies of this book out there. I would say this issue will have little to no spec value.

      1. idk. #700 had a run of 500,000 and A still goes for $20-$40. Again, maybe just because of the death, but with it being Slott’s penultimate issue and the fact that it’s #800, I expect a big surprise.

      2. I have a weird suspicion that a major death will occur, so I think it will at least create an initial run. Whether that leads to long term value is beyond me.

      3. Interesting. Well, I have 3 solid candidates that would make sense for the overall narrative, so looks like Slott is going out with a bang.

  11. I ended up swinging by one shop today, to nab the only Skyward #1 Jock variant they had left since they appeared to have yanked all the Batgirl #23 books, even the regular covers. Stacks of #22 on the shelves along with every other DC cover B books.. there’s no way they didn’t order or sold out within 30 minutes of opening the store since they don’t get lines waiting outside every Wednesday.

    1. From what I have heard from several trusted shops around me, diamond shorted their order or just didn’t deliver the books altogether. This issue may be more scarce than people think.
      That $20 cover price on eBay may end up being cheap when all is said and done (although I could be completely wrong. Just speculating a bit here).

      1. If diamond didnt deliver ordered books then we’ll see a wave of them hit shops in coming days or weeks….

      2. I did not know that Poyo. Thanks for the info. That’s why I love this site: so much info from such amazing and intelligent fellow fans. Thank you all for the work you put in each and every week to make this hobby a little bit more exciting for me.

      1. If this whole Diamond forgot to ship or shortened orders for stores is true, this is why we need a new Diamond and or several competitors.

      1. Just because stores were shorted copies of BG 23, there is absolutely no guarantee they will be getting those copies. Some stores get extra, some get shorted and Diamond makes up the difference with additional copies of whatever so that it meets the required weight for the order…not the book order make-up. When hot books come around that were severely under-ordered, do you think the shops that received extra are going to send them back to Diamond? That’s right—think again. This same thing happened with some of my pre-orders for TAH 22—didn’t matter one little bit that the store was shorted 15 copies—they never were filled….oops, too bad for me.

  12. I’m hearing it’s a ghost everywhere though….even Midtown stores in NY were all sold out this morning.

  13. BG 23B with raw asking prices up to $50 on eBay .. ?? Really .. ?? On day of release, no less .. ?? Crazy time ..

    1. I guess I flipped mine too soon. Put it up around noon for $15 figuring the flood was coming. Sold within 30 minutes. At least it paid for the other one and some of my gas $$. Had to drive an hour to the shop I had the best chance of getting one.

    2. Yup… I mean, its great cover but so is the others hes done. Prices driven up due to demand and apparently hard to find due to supposed shortage. Just all seems a little fishy to me.

      1. No one in my area was shorted. At best, there is 6800 of these. At best. Based off of comichrons numbers for issues 17-22 and a 60/40 spilt on the two covers. The demand could very welll be real at with that low print run. What would cause a fishy shortage, Poyo?

      2. If there was any shortage, it was not Nationwide .. I got what I ordered, pulled and sold at cover .. although, I will admit, Batgirl is not exactly the Worlds Biggest Seller .. 😉

        1. Tis very true. All I know is one of my local shops didnt get either cover or if they did, only enough to goto subscribers pulls cause none were on the shelves. This is a shop that usually has plenty extra since there was stacks of issue #22 and below still available.

    3. I added up the BG #23B’s currently for sale and the average going price is $26.29. There is one for sale at $50, but I threw it out of my calculations along with the lowest one at $19.99.

      1. Yup… Gotta go by actual sold listings to get a real value. Pretty sure from all sold listings the actual average is likely $12-15.

  14. I was just admiring my Hunt for Wolverine ‘Wheres Wolverine’ Nuack connecting variants. They are fun and well done. Loving it.

  15. Picked up
    Batgirl Middleton
    Flash Mattina
    Black Panter Artgerm
    Analog 1 x2
    ASM 798 2nd print
    Wonder Woman Frison
    Pink Panther Retro x2

  16. Analog 1 reg
    Batgirl 23b
    Doctor Strange #390 variant
    HFW: Mystery in Madripoor 1
    Infinty Countdown: Darkhawk 1
    Old Man Hawkeye #5
    Star Trek Discovery: Succession #2
    Star Trek TNG: Through the Mirror #4 A
    Notice Analog and Batgirl creeping up quickly. Also Thanos 13 lenticular gaining interest.

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