Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 81

Greetings my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. First off thank you. Thank you for reading this each and every week. Before we make some money with some comics. Allow me to make a few points. First of all Supersons #16, Champions #19-20, Batman Beyond #16-20, Captain America #701, and Thor Gates of Valhalla #1 were my reads of the week. The Flash #46-47 are two of my books of the year. Flash war is #awesome sauce. Gotham ended season four in a great way. Can’t wait for the Flash season five. Arrow was great. And Solo was the best Disney star wars movie ever or at least since Force Awakens. Now let’s make some money with some comics because you can’t teach that
1. Star Wars #43 (Marvel) – First Lando in comics. Donny Glover stole the movie as Lando. This is his first appearance, and second Boba Fett and compared to Star Wars #42 it is a steal at current prices $20
2. Comics Scoreboard #52 – this was the version of previews given out to heroes world accounts back in my day. We had Diamond and Diamond had competition. This has a Beavis and Butthead cover appearance and pre-dates Beavis and Butthead is a great adaptation to the Marvel Age Preview and the Wizard Beavis and Butthead #1 $10-20
3. Comics Scoreboard #53 McFarlane Spawn cover. Jamie Fox will be Spawn and this cover is awesome sauce happy hunting $10-20
4. GI Joe a Real American Hero mutipack – packs of G.I. Joe comics were common place in the 1980’s. This pack includes #2,26, and 27 Snake Eyes origin issues and the second appearance of Snake Eyes. Let’s hope this new movie is better than the last two $20
5. Phantom Zone #1-4 – origin of the Phantom Zone. Steve Garber written Krypton just used the Zone on the show and the greatest villains call it home. Now knell before Zod $20 a set
6 Mr. Miracle #9 – tells origin of MM. If the New Gods movie will have anyone in it, I will beat a pizza that Mr. Miracle and Barta will be in for sure $10-25
7. Spiderman #13 – Black costume Spiderman and Venom are running wild brother. Venom is coming to theaters. Sony pictures better not mess it up. And why do I hear Bane’s voice in Venom’s mouth? This is the first homage to the classic nineties McFarlane cover with the black costume $1-10
8. Violator #1-3 – Spawn movie. Jamie Fox wonder if The Clown/Violator will be in it. The Clown was awesome back in 1997. Bart Sears art, Alan Moore written, dollar box gold $1-5
9. Age of Ultron #10 – first Angela in Marvel Comics as a preview. Neal Gaiman’s baby girl is sold to Marvel, has she been in anything lately? $1-5
10. Betty Page #1 – Dynamite Betty Page plus nude cover equals money in the bank #pimphandofdoom $10 and up
11. Wolverine #1 Drakes Cakes Mini Comic – This came out in 1994. Came in boxes of Drake’s Cakes the poorman’s Hostess. Drakes had cupcakes and I can’t remember what else, maybe Devil Dogs.. um.. yummy Devil Dogs. $10
12. Pitt #20 – final issue dale Keown’s Image brainchild low print mid-nineties book and compared to the Maxx #35 and other last image issues, is sort of cheap $10-20
13. Peter Porker the Spectacular Spiderham #17 – final issue of this beloved series how did this last seventeen issues? I loved him in the Ultimate animated series $10-25
14. Spidergirl #0 – reprints What If #105. First Norman Osborn Jr. as a teenager and using the Green Goblin name and weapons. Red Goblin Jr.. People, this book needs love as Spidergirl needs cos play love $5-10
15. Spidergirl #5 – first Venom in the Spidergirl series. Everything Venom is hot hot. $10
16. Hulk vs Thanos #1-4– Jim Starlin Hulk vs Thanos. Avengers 4. Next year speculation and comic book money $5 $20 per set
17. Final Crisis The Rogues Revenge #1-3 – I am #team Wally. However this story is the first appearance of Kid Zoom. Kid Zoom dies in issue three for tricking the rogues to kill Bart Allen in fastest Man Alive #13 $1-5 $15 per set
18. Detective Comics #482 – Rogue vs Ms. Marvel. Jim lee art. Was used for an episode of the 1990’s animated series. Ms. Marvel will be the next Wonder Woman for female comics #testify $10
19. Detective Comics #482 – last Bat-mite in the Bronze Age. I love Bat-mite. I blame Brave and the Bold except for the time Bat-mite said awesomesauce then I wanted him dead. Bat-mite, sir, awesomesauce is my word go back to the 5th dimension already. Bronze Age Detectives between s#450-500 should be on everyone’s radar as they just a great addition to any Batman collection
20. True Believers Captain Marvel #1 – Yes, dollar books can go up. This reprint of Captain Marvel #1 with Carol Danvers, soon to be movie star, was only a buck and now sells for $9
O.k. that is all for this week. I love you guys. Thank you for being the greatest blessing in my life. Always use the force. And keep your hand strong.
Blind Adam out

11 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 81”

  1. for some reason detective comics # #482 appers twice. the first time that should be uncanny X-Men #25 #269. one of my favorite issues in that run. blind adam out

  2. I would like to see G.I Joe get some more love! That and Transformers brought an entire generation into collecting!

    1. I have to agree…if it wasn’t for my love of transformers and the original marv l series I would not have picked up a comic book.

      1. Same here! I remember when I was 14 and was trying to get all the Transformers..Not even on issue 14 by that time and I had to pay $4 for issue 2! I was just getting into collecting and couldn’t believe comic books went up in price! That was almost my entire allowance for the week!

  3. o.c. guy I will try and give gi joe &transformers more love in the near future. I am rediscovering the classic ji gi joe cartoons and if you can you tube cobra commanders turkey inner as it is #awesomesauce blind adam out

    1. Ever catch any of the original GI Joe PSA’s on YouTube, dubbed over by people putting “different” words into their mouths?
      “Body massage! Who wants a body massage?”

  4. I love those redubbed psas and the old comic book ads on t.v. are classic #awesomesauce blind adam out

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