Spoilers: Titans Special #1, Do we have a Crush?

All week I have been getting emails about Titans Special #1 and if Crush would appear. There may have been some confusion if it would be this or Teen Titans Special #1.I can say we seem to get a mystery female appearance at the end of the story. Read on for the spoiler. The spoiled image is redacted, the accompanying text is not.
We see in the shadows a mystery hooded figure

Who this is remains to be seen, however, it does not seem to fit the bill for Crush, so I hope that didn’t “Crush” any dreams there. However, Brother Blood does seem to have some plans, but we will have to wait to see what they are and who the shadowy figure is.

18 thoughts on “Spoilers: Titans Special #1, Do we have a Crush?”

    1. Depends on who you’re asking.. I could see some trying to say it’s a cameo and push the book as such to squeeze out profit. 😉

  1. Didn’t Anthony say she had a cameo in Batman last week. I know she had a cameo in Justice League last week. If so is there a limit to how many cameos someone can have till its considered a first appearance?

  2. Do you think Crush could appear in that Teen Titans Special that comes out on 6/27? I don’t want to pre order a bunch of TT 20’s for no reason.

    1. Jeff Knight… she appears in Teen Titans Special #1 out on 6/27/2018.
      This was confirmed by the head of DC’s sales/marketing in a private group just before FOC.

        1. Final Order Cut Off, last chance for retailers to guarantee copies ordered. After that it goes to reorder, which does not guarantee copies will come in.

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