Thor Spoilers: Thor #1, Who is That Now?

We have seen Old Man Logan, we have seen Cosmic Ghost Rider, we have seen more mash-ups from Marvel lately than you can shake a stick at. Thor #1 has a pretty damn cool one on the last page you might want to check out. See the spoiled image below. Click the spoiler warning for the redacted image:
Thor #1 is in stores today. (Mel has been chatting up the 1:50 Ribic Variant if this character goes anywhere.)

Oops, special shout out to Knowledgable Danny for the heads up.
Thats right Donny Cates, eat your heart out, Old Man Phoenix Force Wolverine

23 thoughts on “Thor Spoilers: Thor #1, Who is That Now?”

      1. From what I was told, this new character is in a B story in the back, not part of Issue #1 main story line. I haven’t skimmed the book yet myself but that makes more sense.

  1. Is that an Old Doc Strange Logan Wolverine? What shall his name be then.. Doctor Stralogarine? Sounds like a deli meat if you say it really fast.. 🙂

  2. Based on the aura, it looks like this is phoenix force wolverine from the astonishing spider-man series

    1. more 5 than 6 ..5 full last page ..6 has the same page from 5 for its 1st page ..then he is the Phoenix for like 3 panels ..Jason Arron wrote both so it could tie in..We shall see

    1. I don’t know but I just got done with the issue and it was a pretty good read to be honest, looking forward to the next issue!

    2. I’m only reading because Aaron has made Thor really entertaining for me and made me a Thor fan as long as he’s writing. Now I dropped reading Jane Foster as Thor, I’m hoping this is as good as his other Thor: God of Thunder (2012) run, particularly the first two arcs.. issues 1 – 11. God Butcher and Godbomb… To date, those two arcs are some of the best modern Marvel reads ever in my opinion. I was never a fan of Thor until I read those issues. Plus Ribic’s art was fantastic as well, which also helped.

      1. This is my first time reading a Thor title, I’ll definitely check those out! I kind of enjoyed having the two separate story lines in the same book

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