Spoilers X-Men Gold #30

I know that the spoilers have been leaked in other places, however, if you haven’t seen them, here are the week’s biggest spoiler. X-Men Gold #30, featuring the wedding of Colossus and City Pride.
The issue promised the wedding of Colossus and Kitty Pride, or did it.

Remy is never one to pass up an opportunity.

Well this explains it.

Gambit figures someone has already paid for it so why not.

And the J Scott Campbell Classified Cover (currently selling for around $10 on eBay.)

9 thoughts on “Spoilers X-Men Gold #30”

      1. Sadly, I puked a little when Selina said yes to Bruce Wayne. I despise super hero weddings. It’s like the filler story when they’ve run out of ideas…
        At Publisher Round Table:
        Editor: “Let’s just make a few characters get hitched guys until we come up with the next story.”
        Rest of table chants: “Yeah. Yeah. YEAH!”
        Editor: “Because the fans demanded it!”
        Rest of table chants: “Yeah.. Yeah!”

  1. On FleaBay CargoHold is selling the Classified for about 9 shipped. Grabbed a copy, why not. Gambits always been a favorite of mine.

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