Image Offering Walking Dead #1 15th Anniversary Store Variants

Get ready for a slew of store variants for Walking Dead #1 with just different logo’s. Image comics is offering up just that, a Walking Dead #1 15th Anniversary Logo Swap variant, where each store can have their name on the shattered window Rick is standing in front of.
Skybound and Image are offering up store logo swap variants for Walking Dead #1 15th Anniversary Edition this year. It is a chance for stores to get an exclusive Walking Dead book featuring their store logo. This is part of the 15th Anniversary Celebration for The Walking Dead comic.

The 15th Anniversary Edition of Walking Dead #1 will also be available without the store logos, and will be on sale October 10th just in time for Walking Dead day.

19 thoughts on “Image Offering Walking Dead #1 15th Anniversary Store Variants”

  1. How many store owners are going to buy into this gimmick having seen their TWD numbers plummeting over the last year? Kirkman, you suck.

      1. Kirkman wants big print run so he can send out a nice Marketing PR to claim how successful it was and how awesome he is.

      1. Time to get creative, make some very interesting (and provocative) store names and let’s turn this shit up.

  2. I love all the comics in the artwork scattered around.. they seem to be almost all Kirkman books, how surprising. You can’t be posting pictures of comics that were introduced after 2003.. there wouldn’t be any new comics after the apocalypse started. 🙂
    Still can’t get over how awful the artwork is for this. Is it me or does Rick seem really un-proportional in that pose.. like his legs seem too short or small.

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