Teen Titans #20 1:25 Variant

Crush has been the talk of the spec community for a little while now. We got a small taste, first cameo, in Teen Titans Special #1. Her first full appearance will be in Teen Titans #20 featuring a regular and Karmome Shirahama Variant. There is also a ratio variant for this, something DC has not been doing for a while. There is a 1:25 Crush Design Variant.
Copies of the 1:25 Crush Design Variant have been popping up on eBay in the $20 range. Not bad considering it is less than the ratio cost ($25 for a 1:25).

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  1. Now DC is just purposefully trying to push this new character on collectors (marketing gimmicky baloney) if they’re doing ratio variants and such. Thanks but no thanks. I’m gonna definitely pass now. I like home grown organic demand for new characters…. Not when the publishers push characters artificially into the market.

    1. I agree. This is about as inorganic as it gets for a first appearance. DC is milking this hard.
      That 1:25 variant looks like recycled art from months ago.

  2. Not a fan of this variant…liking the Babs Tarr better. I think that’s the one to go for, if there is one. Not many places are offering it.
    And Titans 23 is going to be her first full appearance anyway! At least by release date.
    I passed on all TTS1s I saw today as they all had some sort of damage. Spine ticks, staple rubs, you name it. Not seeing a lot of action on the flipside too so far…

  3. There are 3 canadian vendors that have ordered over 800 copies of TT #20 and are selling the 1:25 variant for 34.99 and 39.99 a piece with multiple sales within 24 hours.
    I’m talking like 25 and 29 sold so far. Doesn’t look that rare right now.
    Everyone was ready for Crush and so I don’t see anyone “crushing” it on flips here.

      1. I wasn’t around for the Miles Morales debut but from what I recall, Silk and Kamala Kahn sort of took off due to actual fan base demand, not the publisher pushing out updates telling vendors FOC deadlines and such and which book has 1st appearance, etc. When publishers are sending out reminders to “Order before the deadline” for a new 1st appearance, that’s just them pushing the new character onto consumers, not allowing the consumers a chance to say otherwise.

  4. Teen titans special #1 looks like the better spec. In addition to being Crush’s first cameo appearance, it also features first appearances for new characters Djinn and Roundhouse (http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Teen_Titans_Special_Vol_1_1). And I believe it is also the first appearance of the new Teen Titans team, and it’s a #1 too (lol). Meanwhile, Teen titans #20 is only Crush’s full appearance and first cover appearance. I’m paying off some bills this month so I think I’m only going to get Teen titans special #1. If you had to choose one of these books, which one would you get?

    1. I would say both. First full appearance of character in TT 20 and I like the first full team you mention in TTS 1. However I still think it will only be a cameo.

      1. Actually you’re right Anthony. TTS 1 only has a first cameo appearance of the new team (on the last page). TT 20 will have the first full appearance of Crush and first full app. of the new team. Thanks for the info.

  5. I like design covers but at 1:25 itll be at least $25 or more. Too rich for me.
    I agree DC is pushing Crush too hard. Organic, slow rollouts are better for the character and speculating.

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