Sony Pictures Options Skyward from Image Comics.

The recently released book, Skyward from Image Comics has been picked up by Sony Pictures for a movie deal.

The characters and concept first appears in Skyward #1 . There is also a Jock 2nd print variant that had a print run of a little over 1,500 copies.


Sony Pictures has preemptively landed the film rights to Joe Henderson’s graphic novel “Skyward,” with Henderson adapting and “Rampage” director Brad Peyton helming.

Henderson will also executive produce, with Peyton and Jeff Fierson producing.

Based on the Image Comics graphic novel, the story is set in a world where gravity suddenly becomes a fraction of what it is now. Twenty years later, humanity has adapted to its new low-gravity reality. The movie will follow a woman born just after G-Day who has become accustomed to it, but has come across a dangerous plan to bring gravity back

11 thoughts on “Sony Pictures Options Skyward from Image Comics.”

  1. Getting to the point where you just have to say screw it and grab 2 or 3 copies of every decent new title that hits the shelves, this is nuts! COME ON GRASS KINGS!!!

    1. Right now one could say yes but its not always the case. I’ve dumped a lot of possible spec books off in the past year that will likely never amount to nothing and never get a media deal. Gotta be diligent and choose carefully cause you can lose more than you gain.

        1. If you’re talking about anything from Black Mask Comics.. Black Mask Comics to me are all dead specs.. they need to vanish like a fart in a car with the windows down..

  2. LOL. In the time it took me to go through the checkout process on the Midtown app, they sold all 8 of the 2nd print #1’s.

    1. You can buy mine… Its the only one listed on eBay starting at $2.99 auction…… There might be more now but its pretty limited online, these have already been selling well since its initial release.

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