Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 83

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. Hope you had a happy 4th of July. Hope everyone was safe and didn’t blow off any fingers. Love you guys. Thanks for reading this each and every week. Does anyone else fell plunked by DC comics? Batman #50 is BS. Venom #3, Champions #21, Wolverine Mystery in Madipoor #2 & the Teen Titans Special #1 were all awesome reads. The Flash #49 is off the chain. Flash War is story of the year. Glow season two was great and if anyone can explain Star Wars the Last Jedi to me so it makes sense let me know. now let’s make some money with some comics

1. Adventure Comics #452 – that Aquaman trailer looks great. Black Manta will be great on screen. In this classic issue, which is a bronze age key, we get a death and Aqualad gets his arm cut to the bone. Just a great and harsh comic for the time $10 and up

2. Brightest Day #19 Black Manta cuts off another hand. The new Aqualad, Black Manta’s son, is being pushed hard in Rebirth, so I can see this being a great book to hunt out of dollar boxes $1-4

3. Aquaman #13 New 52 -Aquaman vs Black Manta New 52 style Geoff Jones had a great run with Aquaman. He had a hand in the movie. I can see the New 52 books doing well if the movie does well. Go for the combo
pack of this

4. Aquaman #12 (New 52) Robot Chicken Variant – classic variant very undervalued the Robot Chicken specials, especially volume two, are just a great watch. This was the first DC Robot Chicken variant, it became a theme later in the New 52 $25

5. Detective Comics #651 – classic a Bullet for Bullock. Why kill the only cop that acts like a cop in Gotham? Harvey is a fat loud mouth doughnut eating m.f. but I love him in Gotham. This was used for one of the best episodes of the animated series as well. In Gotham City the headquarters of the police gets bombed or invaded weekly so why be a cop there? $1-5

6. Batman Inc. #5 – 1st Batwing. Batwing was an interesting series it lasted #34 issues. Even with the solo series being popular and Batwing’s inclusion in Rebirth this issue is still a cheap sleeper back issue $1-3

7. Batman Gates of Gotham #1-5 – Scott Snyder’s run on Batman is a classic. Even his Detective Comics run is legendary. But every time I see the Bridges of Gotham get destroyed I think of this series as it happened here first sets are cheap $5-25

8. Batwing #34 final issue of the series low print run Batwing needs more love $1-5

9. Batwing #19 – first Lou fox as batwing. This is the first DCU appearance of Lou Fox to boot and this book has fallen on hard times $1-5

10. Wonder Woman #162 163 – Wonder Woman and Aquaman team up. From the second series with all Adam Hughes covers. Classic stuff, movies coming out $5-15

11. Showcase #79 – first Dolphin. Wow! Aquaman has a lot of sidekicks. Aqualad, his wife, and the one that rocks in Rebirth is Dolphin. This is her first appearance and is worth the hunt $20 and up

12. Aquaman #25 (New 52)  first New 52 Dolphin nuff said $5

13. Hulk #8 (1999 series)  Hulk vs Wolverine, very low print run, cheap as heck. Once this fight is on screen all Hulk vs Wolverine stuff will blow up $10 and up

14. Marvel Milestone Fantastic Four #1 reprints the first Fantastic Four. Mickey Mouse just bought them all. Don’t mess with Mr. Mouse as he can buy us all $1-5

15. Marvel Milestone Fantastic Four #5 – first Dr. Doom. Cheap reprint, original cover. The Milestones, except the Iron Man #55 & Incredible Hulk #181 are cheap as all heck so happy hunting $1-5

16. Amazing Spiderman #24 – Second Mysterio shrinks Spiderman to Ant Man size. Classic story, new movie. Dear Mickey Mouse and Sony, use the fishbowl please? $25 and up

17. Amazing Spiderman #196, 197, 198, 199, 200 if you want a great Mysterio story. Mysterio is now big pimping and he deserves it. We have classic covers, the first death of Aunt May (in #196), the final Silver Age Kingpin (in #197), two great Mysterio covers (issues #198-199) and the death of the burglar who killed Uncle Ben in #200. Just a great lot. happy hunting

18. Empire Magazine July 2018 – Rob Liefeld, Deadpool and Cable, a subscription cover. Just a great cover and I like Liefeld $20

19. Magic Order #1 NYCC Variant – Mark Millar is the greatest of all time. #testify. This Netflix show will be amazing. If you ordered NYCC tickets then you can get a variant from Reed Pop

20. Aquaman #1 (New 52) – god or the ratio variants on this one. Or the combo pack. You can’t go wrong. Best Aquaman story in recent times. Movie will pull a lot from new 52. Nuff said $10

Well that is it for this week. Thanks for being the best blessing in
my life. Now I am off to recover from the 4th of July #testify
Blind Adam out

4 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 83”

  1. although 24 is a mysterio app. 65 and 66 are the shrinking amusement park issues. I know because as a kid those were the first spidey back issues i ever bought, sometime in the early 70’s as a kid collector. love the articles!!

  2. steve thank you for the mysterio correction. I did that pick by memory and had th the wrong issue number. yes gates of gotham predates no mans land however when referenced in other media dark knight rasies&gotham I belive the gates mini series is the source material. could be wrong on that fact so don’t quote me . thank you all for reading love you guys blind adam out

  3. Gates of Gotham came out over 10 years after No Mans Land. No Mans Land is definitely the source material for what happened in Dark Knight Rises and in Gotham.

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