Winner: Amazing Spider-Man #1 Stadium Comics New Mutants Homage

Time to pick the winner.

We are drawing the winner for the copy of Amazing Spider-man #1 Jamal Campbell New Mutants Homage Cover from our friends at Stadium Comics.

These are still available for pre-order at Stadium Comics, but one lucky winner is getting a copy.

The contest required not only entering your name, but your favorite cover.

One not only picked a great cover, but one of my favorite comic covers. With that being said, I knew we had a winner.

So congrats to Rob Pilsbury for the Chamber of Chills #19 answer. Rob, email me at to set up delivery.

4 thoughts on “Winner: Amazing Spider-Man #1 Stadium Comics New Mutants Homage”

  1. Thank you Anthony my fellow fiend!! OC_GUY, I will pass on Liefeld because he is charging crazy prices for his sig. I have a NM #98 in a 9.8 signed by Stan, Fabian and Rob already so I will just stick with that. Rob charged me $60 I think almost 2 years ago. Now he’s double that for that book and around $50 for any other book, In 1988 at a show in San Francisco he drew me a Hawk and Dove Head (I don’t know which it is – Hawk or Dove) and it’s super cool and he signed my program for free!!! So did Will Eisner and Stan on the cover. Liefeld has lost his mind And still can’t draw feet!! 🙂 I’m stoked on winning this ASM #1, thank you Stadium Comics and CHU!!

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