Entertainment Weekly Shows Off First Official Image of Venom’s Face

We caught a glimpse of the Symbiote in the trailer for Venom, but Sony has released the first official still close up of Venom’s face in the upcoming movie.

EW.com showed off the first offical still close up of Venom’s face. Venom is based off the Venom Lethal Protecter mini series. You can see the released photo below.

22 thoughts on “Entertainment Weekly Shows Off First Official Image of Venom’s Face”

  1. He just looks like a jell-o mold to me. Someone needs to make Venom Licorice Jell-o Molds.. Mmm.. Licorice…

  2. I am going to reserve judgement unril I see a full body shot and/or a full body image of Woody as Cletus/Carnage.

  3. They keep showing the last scene of the movie wait till you watch the first hour and a half with no Venom just to get to this scene and have the movie over. Read the plot leaks.

    1. Yeah, I got that feeling watching the previews. Its going to be about an hour or so of build up story and then about 15-25 minutes Venom action at the end…. But I guess we’ll see….

      1. I did the same as soon as I heard the news about a venom movie. Found a great looking copy in a lot containing 344, 361, 362 & 363. Sold off the others to reduce the price paid for 361. Waiting to get it back from cgc, fingers crossed! Is Woody confirmed in the movie as Cassidy?

    1. People look poorly on the Toby McGuire movies but there was a real charm to them. Sure, Topher was silly but seeing venom on screen for the first time was awesome.

      1. People look poorly on them? I actually didn’t know that as I liked them myself. There are always critical things here and there, but overall, I think it was a job well done—far better than the reboot with Andrew Garfield.

      2. i think toby was great as parker/spidey. and finally witnessing my childhood fantasy of seeing an quality spider-man movie was about the most awesome thing that happened in 2002.
        and seeing venom on screen was pretty cool. i should also admit that i actually never saw spider-man 3 in its entirety. but it’s for the same reason i’ve never had the slightest desire to see the simpsons movie: extreme FOD (fear of disappointment).

        1. As a lifelong Simpsons fan, I can say the movie did not disappoint. It was a lot of fun and contained all the elements that I love about the Simpsons

    2. You can’t beat that first ever spidey movie even if it was Toby lol. Saw it for free on base in Japan while I was still active, crowd went wild!

      1. The first 2 Tobey movies are great and way ahead of their time. The third one could of been great if we didn’t have doucey emo Peter Parker when with symbiote, worst yet tweaker Venom and the casting for Venom with that 70’s show guy really was horrible. Sandman was awesome and award winning for its special effects.

  4. when did this become negative nancey heai heating up?? sure judge a movie based on a still photo sure judge a movie on a trailer sure I say it all the time if you think making movies is easy then go do it if youy you think you can do a better job gof or it make a venom fan film and put it on the tubesites enter it into s.d.c.c. film festival go for it I dare you all woddy as carnage will be #awesomesauce. amazing spiderman #361 will be a $500 in 9.8 soon enough #testify. by next weekend I think we will see better footage but pleasw please hold judgement untillt he entire move movie and v buy the venom lethal protector #1s before raws become a $100 bill son love you all I amd runk I love you all my kryptonite is coke and j.d. I thought j.d. was myf riend god bless everyone blind adam out

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