New Comic Spec Review Video for July 18th 2018

Anthony from talks about the hot new releases for the week. Here is this week’s video for July 18th 2018.

Tough week this week for spec books, but a couple of great indy books to look T.


15 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for July 18th 2018”

  1. Christmas is her once again for myself (and others) this wednesday. OVERSTREET OVERSTREET OVERSTREET!!!!! The only problem i find with this book is that the prices are behind 6-12 months every single year. mostly on modern books. I’m sure anthony you will be picking one up.

    1. Yeah, the only issue with printed price guides is yes, the moment they’re actually printed they’re likely already out of date. Only the older established books are going to be more in the actual price range for sure.

      Use them as a guide but not a current price value guide.

      I don’t bother with printed price guides myself and save that money for more comics.

        1. Exactly. I only said some older books will stay around the same but key books fluctuate all the time for sure.

    2. I never read over Street. In fact I do most of my pricing of books off the past sales on eBay. I do so love when a shop doesn’t have their comics priced and bring out the over Street guide and say that the price is so much lower on a comic that has shot up in value over the last month. I have a guy who sells 100-% based off over street prices and I always do well buying from him.

      1. About 1 1/2 years ago I walked into a shop as they were pricing, from Overstreet, a huge ASM collection. I got a ton of books. The whole JSC early 600s covers for $5 each, AvSM9 $20, Spidey Noir #1-#4 $20, Venom V. Carnage 1-3 $20….it was the greatest spec’n day of my life.

    3. I’m starting a Petition Drive to Bring Back Wizard .. (not) .. in fact, Gareb Shamus should Rot in Hell .. that’s the title of my new series ..

  2. The problem is it’s overstreet is exactly that the prices are from 6 months ago. I actually don’t mind when someone pulls out an overstreet guide to nail down a price. It’s when they pop the phone out I cringe. ?

    1. For a modern you might not want them to use Overstreet for a price. What if it was one of those quick flip books that shot up to $20-$40 range and is now a cool $8 book after the hype died down?

      I say, always pull current sold prices online when trying to cut a deal. 🙂

      1. for myself….the price guide for certain comics has either gone up or stayed the same.
        prices never have gone down for me.

      2. I don’t think overstreet reacts quickly enoug or considers quick flip sales when they establish their price…yet to see that. Maybe if the book starts a steady decline over he course of a year this might be an issue…

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